Wednesday 26 September 2012

Nintendo DS Learn With Pokemon Typing Adventure review

When Nintendo sent us through their new Learn With Pokemon Typing Adventure to review, I was very impressed because it was a concept I was totally unfamiliar with. As often happens with anything hi-tech though, both Juliette and Sophie knew all about it, having seen numerous adverts on TV, so they knew exactly what was in store !

Inside the box, you get a very sleek-looking, pure white, reduced size computer keyboard, 2 handily-supplied batteries (that need to go into the back edge of the keyboard) and the game cartridge to slot into the DS (or in our case 3DS) console. We weren't quite sure what the black plastic thing was but a quick bit of investigation revealed that it's a stand for your console.

Being old and wrinkly, I went looking in the box for a cable to connect the keyboard to the console but it's much more advanced than that and works with wireless technology. How cool is that ? I must admit, it seemed really weird to be playing on a Nintendo DS console using a keyboard but Sophie and Juliette both loved it, for the novelty value and also for the game itself.

The game aims to teach young players the basics of using a keyboard, such as where to place your fingers and finding the letters quickly. The concept actually reminded me of the Reading Kingdom online programme  that we reviewed a while ago but the Madhouse Mini-testers found it more appealing to play it on a games console and, I have to admit, I liked the fact that they weren't hogging my laptop every time they wanted to play!

On the easiest levels, you just have to find one letter at a time but there are harder levels where you need to type the Pokemons' names in full. You get points for speed, lack of typing errors and for capturing specific Pokemons as you work through the levels, earning medals.

As a grown-up, the story behind the game is full of holes - you've been recruited by the Elite Typing Club as a new typist who can't type (so not very elite then !). You have to type the name of each Pokemon as fast as possible but sometimes, you'll see a picture (or shadow or hear the sound) of a Pokemon several seconds before its name appears on screen, meaning that you're being rewarded for your Pokemon-recognition skills as much as your typing. 

Nevertheless, Sophie and Juliette have been having great fun playing with it. It's easy enough to earn the bronze and silver medals but the gold ones are hard to win so they'll be playing for quite some time before they get them all, especially as there are over 400 Pokemons to capture, over 60 different locations/challenges. 

Rumour has it, the keyboard also works with other wireless devices like an iPad or iPhone but I haven't tried this myself.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £37.99 on amazon

Disclosure : I received Nintendo DS Learn With Pokemon Typing Adventure in order to write an honest review.

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  1. My son would probably love this, he just got a 3DS for his birthday and is looking for some new games to buy so maybe I will suggest this.


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