Saturday 29 September 2012

Wayvebands review

Last week, I received an email from a lovely mumpreneur asking me if I'd like to check out her new product, Wayvebands. She explained : "As a Mother of two teenage boys, I have been amazed at how addicted they and their friends are to wearing multiple wristbands. My eldest son played In Line Hockey for GB last year and I wanted to have a wristband made personally for him as a memento of his achievement. Eventually I found a company prepared to print an individual silicone band (most only print in 00’s or even 000’s). It cost me over £40, lasted for only 3 months  and all I could personalise were the words, nevertheless all of his friends wanted one. So I set myself the challenge of developing this idea into a business. After many months of research I found no easy solution existed to produce a high quality, totally personalised band. I ditched the idea of silicone, found a supplier of recycled leather and developed a printer that could accurately reproduce designs onto the leather wristbands. Hey Presto…the result is Wayveband!"

I went to have a look at the website and was impressed with the number of different options available. You can choose the colour of the band and the colour and font of the writing. As well as adding your special message, you can select a picture from your computer or phone and add that, either as a centred image, a stretched image all the way round the band or a repeated image all the way round. You can get a patterned Wayveband or even a plain coloured one. They really do have something to suit all tastes and as it's totally personalisable, you can make a really special and unique gift or memento. These would be great as party bag gifts for a birthday party, as a keepsake of a hen night or wedding favour, or you could design one with your phone number on for younger children to wear in case they got lost. It could also be a funky alternative to the medical alert bracelets that some people need to wear. The options are limitless.

I gave free reign to 11-year-old Sophie, telling her to do whatever she wanted. We even sat googling her name so we could find pretty, jazzed up versions of writing her name, with hearts and flowers and kittens and pretty much anything else you can think of. She looked at pictures of Katie Perry, Union Jacks and holiday snaps but in the end, she decided that she wanted something more discreet and, in her words, grown-up so she opted for an understated pink ("but not babyish pink" - she's 11 going on 18 !) Wayveband with her name in peach with the heart-adorned font. She loves it, which is the main thing !

The Wayveband has a choice of fastenings - either a coordinating leather thong (so it looks like a friendship bracelet) or a nickel-plated stud that has a screw back so that you can move it to one of the four positions. This means you're guaranteed to get a good fit.

I love the fact that the Wayvebands are made with leather offcuts (just like the Skeanie toddler shoes I reviewed recently). They also use eco-ink that has half of the solvents of normal ink and recycled packaging. 

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : approx £7 but you get a discount if you order several

for more information :

Disclosure : We received a code to create the Wayveband of our choice, in order to write an honest review.

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