Thursday 20 September 2012

Learn how to iron a shirt, just like your mum !

Hands up if you've just set off to university or packed your kids off to university! I still remember heading off into the big wide world (well, Swansea anyway !) as a student and suddenly having to get to grips with things like cooking, food shopping, getting up for 8 o' clock lectures and working out how to programme the washing machine ! This tongue-in-cheek video will give novice ironers a few pointers (and make you giggle too !).


Tefal have created a rather unusual and unique video showing how to iron properly, just like your Mum would do. Packed with innuendos and one-liners, the video provides a simple guide on how to iron the perfect shirt featuring all the key technological features such as how to set the soleplate temperature and choose the correct levels of steam to remove stubborn creases. Ironing has never been so entertaining!

A new study from Tefal reveals -
  • More than one in five mums still help out children who have left the family home, with every day chores like ironing
  • Over 50% of respondents admitted to enjoying the benefits of mum’s ironing for over eight years
The research suggests that people are not learning the skills they need to survive on their own. With this clear lack of knowledge, Tefal launches its quirky new ironing guide giving mum a break from household chores while showing sons and daughters up and down the country how to press to impress.

1 comment:

  1. I need to show my daughter this. She may then know what an iron looks like!


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