Saturday 29 September 2012

Kids' DVD review : Mike the Knight - Galahad The Great

The Madhouse Mini-testers - in particular 3-year-old Pierre - are huge Mike the Knight fans. They initially found it especially hilarious because he shares the same name as Madhouse Daddy Mike, then they were won over by the exciting medieval backdrop complete with castles, Vikings and dragons and the fact that Mike the Knight invariably gets it all wrong and has to put things right. The catchphrase of "Be a Knight, Do It Right" has turned into a bit of a tantrum-avoiding joke here at the Madhouse which I chant, rather than nagging, when the kids have done something wrong like putting their shoes on the wrong feet or leaving their pyjamas lying on the bathroom floor. They think I'm playing and cooperate a lot more than if I just tell them off - bonus !

Needless to say, there was much excitement here at The Madhouse when we received a preview disc of the new Mike The Knight DVD, released this week. The featured episode which gives its name to the DVD, Galahad the Great, shows Mike The Knight trying to be the best horseman ever, kitting his trusty steed Galahad out in all sorts of superfluous paraphernalia like jingly bells and tall feathers that get in the way until he realises that he was perfect as he was and didn't need any extra embellishment to be Galahad The Great. Awwww that's the best bit about Mike The Knight. As well as being full of adventure and high jinks, each tale has a lovely life lesson for young viewers to take on board without feeling nagged or patronised.

The DVD only features five episodes which doesn't sound a lot, but that's still over an hour of viewing (62 minutes to be precise). Pierre sat through the whole thing then ran off to get Juliette's Strawberry Stables pony which he rode around the bedroom with his foam sword for the rest of the afternoon !

You can catch up with Mike the Knight's latest news at and @MiketheKnightUK on twitter.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £12.99

release date : 24th September 2012

runtime : 62 minutes

Disclosure : We received a preview disc in order to write an honest review.

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  1. My girls love Mike the Knight - they especially like the horse Gallahad :)

  2. Great review. This is on the stocking filler list for Christmas. Both of my children love Mike the Knight, especially my four year old daughter. At one point she would only answer us if we called her Mike the Knight!


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