Saturday 1 September 2012

Skeanie toddler shoes review

Starting out in Australia , the SKEANIE brand - loved by little feet around the world – has come to Europe. I first noticed them on other people's blogs and secretly drooled at the gorgeous designs and funky colours. And that was before I learned about its eco-friendly approach - Skeanie only uses off cuts of leather to create their shoes. That fits in with my waste-not-want-not ethos perfectly !

Skeanie have shoes going up to age 4-5 so, although the ones that had first caught my eye were the pretty pastel coloured girlie shoes, I looked through for something in the boys' section for Pierre. I didn't have to look far before I fell in love with these navy blue and white Skeanie Sneakies (even if, from the first look on the website, I thought they were completely blue to begin with). The product description is as follows : "The SKEANIE Sneakies are an ideal match for every little outfit! The SKEANIE Sneakies are made from buttery soft eco-leather and feature a highly flexible and durable leather sole making them ideal for every occasion and of course ensuring that your little monkeys not only look cute but also benefit from the immense health benefits of SKEANIE shoes."

As we have already bought Pierre's shoes for when he goes to school (next week - eek!), I decided to get the next size up so that he can grow into them. Well, that was actually a bad move on my part because as soon as he saw them, he wanted to try them on and he's been begging to wear them every day ever since ! I've relented and let him wear them around the house and I've noticed that he keeps them on, whereas he often kicks off his other shoes after a while - whether this is because they are extra comfortable or because he thinks they look cool I can't tell you though !

They are incredibly well made, with very strong seams (I've pulled them every which way to test them, trust me !) and they do feel extremely soft and pliable. I love the design - I'd wear them as an adult if they had them in my size ! - but it's not just about looking cool. Skeanie take the health of your child's feet very seriously, explaining : "As well as providing room for natural growth, SKEANIE’s soft soled shoes allow sensory feedback from the ground, which is especially important for little ones learning to walk and getting to know their surroundings. Research shows that young ones who wear flat, soft soled shoes have improved proprioception, balance and foot and ankle strength." Not entirely sure what proprioception is but it sounds important !

Skeanie also have a little list of what makes them different to other brands. They proudly boast :

What makes SKEANIE shoes so different?
  • Super soft, non-toxic, eco-leather upper
  • Shoe slides on with ease but stays on due to Flex-Ease™ technology in the heel
  • Shoes are wide at the toes, mimicking the infant foot - growing toes need room to spread, wiggle and balance
  • Leather lining means shoe is breathable, comfortable and soft - allowing feet to grow naturally, unrestricted
  • Lightweight and very flexible sole made from rubber, designed to protect the foot but allow for sensory feedback from the ground. Perfect for running, jumping and exploring!

Pierre absolutely loves them so I'm going to have to find a very good hiding place for a few months until his feet grow a bit !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £39.99

Disclosure : I received a pair of Skeanie shoes in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Look and sound great but quite pricey for how quick my boys feet grow!


  2. I didn't know that these were eco friendly- Look good and cuts down on the waste- great shoes

  3. never hear of this brand, might be a good alternative to clarks.

  4. These look and sound brilliant. I only have one child in this age range now though, and a good competitor to clarks. Although they would need to be fitted at that price.


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