Tuesday 4 September 2012

Yellow Moon rainforest-themed crafting supplies review

When we got back from our summer holidays, the Madhouse Mini-Testers were over the moon - the Yellow Moon ?! - to discover this bumper pack of rainforest themed crafting supplies from children's arts and crafts company, Yellow Moon.

There was a pack of Scratch Art Hanging Decorations (which look great fun but that we haven't got round to doing yet so I'll tell you about them in another blogpost). 11-year-old Sophie has her eye on this pack !

A pack of Colour-In Mobiles which Pierre and Juliette will have great fun making.

A Foam Door Hanger Kit (see below to see how much fun this was !).

An enormous bag of Rainforest-themed Foam Stickers, with all sorts of animals and trees to sort through, making it educational as well as great fun if you try to name them all. We also used them for matching, trying to group together all the stickers that were the same, which was great practice for Pierre in his final days before school !

There were also some Giotto Turbo Colour felt tips and some A4 coloured card which Sophie has secreted away to use with her Paper FX paper-weaver that we reviewed a couple of weeks ago. She should be able to create some really pretty designs with that - again, I'll keep you posted.

The first item to be grabbed was the Foam Door Hanger kit. 3-year-old Pierre got incredibly excited when he managed to produce these rather fabulous animals with just a little bit of help from Madhouse Nanny. They are now hanging on his wardrobe doors and he smiles every time he walks past, pointing out that he made them with Nanny !

7-year-old Juliette was desperate to join in with the fun and managed to follow the model all by herself. She did go wrong a couple of times but you can peel the foam shapes off and start again, if necessary. The googly eyes are really hard to get the back off, but they do put a few extras in, in case you accidentally peel the sticky bit off ! These extras have been carefully put away in the crafting cupboard. (Mister Maker has nothing on us !)

I had big projects planned for the Rainforest themed stickers - creating a Noah's Ark frieze or making funky birthday cards with them - but in the end, Pierre had an absolute ball just sticking them on sheets of paper ! Why make it complicated when they're having so much fun with something simple ?! There are still loads left so we can still do more with them at a later date.

As the sunny days become rarer and the evenings draw in, we'll be doing more indoor play and crafts so I'll let you know what else we get up to with the crafting supplies.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : Rainforest Foam Stickers £2.99 for 120, Rainforest Door Hanger kit £2.99 for 3, Rainforest Colour-in Mobiles £2.99 for 5, Rainforest Scratch Art Decorations £2.99 for 8

for more information : www.yellowmoon.org.uk

Disclosure : I received a selection of kids' craft supplies in order to write honest reviews.

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  1. this looks so much fun think ill be having a go with my daughter x

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun making! I really like the look of the door hangers kit.

  3. what lovely creations, looks like they had a great time


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