Sunday 9 September 2012

Sunday Weigh-in : I put my blue jeans on !

Well, this week we've all gone back to school and work which means I've been eating at the school canteen some days and grabbing a quick lunch other days. I also ate vast quantities of ChokaBlok chocolate for the purposes of a review – well, to be honest, when I thought about it afterwards I didn't really, I was quite reasonable actually, so that must be the SlimPod effect again ! - and there was a barbecue housewarming party complete with nibbles, dessert and alcohol (but I stopped at two glasses of champagne, skipped the wine and monopolised the salads !) so it may not be a great week weight-wise but … WHATEVER the scales say, I've had a fantastic week !

As I told you on Friday, I got the afternoon off and all three kids were at school – totally unheard of for me to be at a loose end ! - so I drifted into town and started vaguely clothes shopping. Now, I hate clothes shopping and always have. I have about three shops I like and buy in about once a year and the rest is online, and even then, it's little and not often ! My favourite clothes shop in town in M&S Mode which is a bit like the French version of Evans – high street fashion with the slightly larger lady in mind who sell clothes from size 38-54 (that's UK 10-24) at the same price whatever the size. I love their ethnic prints and floaty tunic tops and literally 75% of my wardrobe is from there.

Well, I gravitated towards the jeans and saw a few pairs I liked but had no idea which size to try on. Before losing 10kg, I was a size 50 (ahem UK 20) and I remember even buying a pair of size 52 (UK 22) jeans on one occasion because they were in the sales which were baggy but still fit. I picked up a size 48 but thought they looked huge so decided to bravely try a size 46 too. Both pairs were way too big ! I suppressed a huge grin and went off to grab a size 44 but there weren't any – awww – so I thought OK, let's get a pair of size 42 and see how far I have to go before I can do them up. They were the perfect fit ! Now, at this point, I should stress that these are slightly stretchy jeans and obviously cut very generously with a straight leg but nevertheless, woohoo ! (To prove my point, I also bought a pair of “skinny” leg jeans and needed a size 44 for those.) Despite living in France for the past decade, I'm still incapable of converting clothes sizes so I was even more chuffed to work out when I got home that 44 is a size 16 and size 42 is an amazing size 14. I'm still counting that pair as an anomaly but to go from size 20 (tight) to size 16 (loose) is incredible.

Cue one beaming smile for the rest of the weekend ! And a sudden realisation that actually, clothes shopping is a lot more fun when you can choose what you like in the shop rather than what fits !

With that, time to hop on the scales - but I honestly don't care what they say this week, I can feel my jeans getting baggy (and had another mega-watt smile moment when I reread my original Thinking Slimmer blogposts which said that I'd need several centimetres of extra material to have the slightest hope of doing these same jeans up, then a few weeks later that I could do them up but still couldn't sit down in them !). Well, I just hopped on the scales and they said 81.7 so no change - well, a tiny 100g loss. After a whopping 1.4kg loss last week, I was quite expecting to put a little bit back on so that's not bad. :)

STILL TO GO : 15.7kg

When I started using the Thinking Slimmer SlimPod called “lose 2 jeans sizes or more” in October last year, I thought “yeah right, can't see that happening” ! When Jenny Craig set me up with a month's trial and asked what my weight loss target was, I didn't have a clue and plucked the number 10kg out of thin air, thinking that was an unattainable dream. I actually felt a bit disheartened before the summer from talking to other people who'd used WeightWatchers Online because they'd lost “a stone in 3 weeks” or “10kg in 3 months” and I've taken almost a year to achieve that, but this jeans-buying escapade has shown me how far I've come.

I'm still only about half way towards my ultimate target weight though, so there's still a long way to go. Getting there with a huge smile on my face is even better though !

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I can't wait to catch up with my weight-loss buddies and hope they had a fabulous week too :

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Anybody else want to join in with our weekly weigh-in link up ?

Disclosure : I'm currently using a Thinking Slimmer SlimPod and a WeightWatchers Online subscription, in return for honest feedback. I also receive regular hampers of WeightWatchers products, and have also benefited from a one-month Jenny Craig trial.


  1. That's amazing Cheryl, well done!!!
    I have begun my Thinking Slimmer again this week now the kids are back at school. Seeing yours and Charlottes progress has given me a real kick up the bum!!

    1. Wishing you loads of luck and willpower - although with the SlimPod you shouldn't actually need either of those ! xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. So pleased for you Cheryl, getting back into smaller clothes is fantastic. And nothing feels better than grabbing your normal size only to find it's now to big.Well done. xx

    1. Very true - how was your week ? Have you blogged yet?

    2. Not as good as yours, going to try and be good this week. x

    3. Fingers crossed for both of us then xxx

  4. That's fabulous, well done :) Bet you are walking on air now

    1. Something like that ! :) How about you ? Good week?

  5. wow, you are doing so well. You will have to do a big reveal when you reach your target weight which I am sure you will do. The slimpod is definitely worth doing

  6. wow welldone you ! glad i have bookmarked this blog as its great for inspiration - hope you have another fab week this week :) and thanks for pointing me to the right thread !!

  7. LOL You're going backwards !!! This is the most recent weigh-in post ! - xxx


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