Saturday 1 September 2012

#AinsleyBBQ Challenge Hamper

Yesterday, I told you about a fabulous hamper of goodies that I received from Chicken Tonight but last week, I received another hamper that I haven't told you about yet because the weather hasn't been playing ball !

I've reviewed several products from Ainsley Harriott's food range here on my blog so they asked me to take part in a barbecue challenge. They sent me a fabulous hamper of goodies, containing everything I'd need to try out two recipes on the barbie. 

It contained some fresh salad ingredients, olive oil, spices and a selection of Ainsley's couscous, along with plastic plates, cutlery, serviettes and rather snazzy stackable wine glasses that will be perfect for picnics. The only thing I need to add is the meat. Unfortunately, there's one other vital ingredient that I can't buy in the shops - barbecue weather !

As soon as the sun comes back, I'll be trying out the two recipes on the enclosed sheet for Fragrant Beef Koftas with Raita and Beef & Red Pepper Skewers with Roasted Vegetable Couscous. Can't wait !

In the meantime, I've been trying out some of the couscous varieties to accompany my indoor cooking !

In an attempt to cut back on the calories while not cutting back on the taste, I replaced our usual roast potatoes with Wild Mushroom Couscous and Spice Sensation Couscous to accompany our roast pork joint last week. 

The whole family loved it and told me I can do it again with no complaints from them !

Watch this space on the next sunny day for the barbecue recipes - I can't wait !

for more information :

Disclosure : I received the fabulous hamper above in order to try out two recipes and blog about them ... which I will do as soon as the weather sorts itself out !

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  1. Me and my fam love the AH couscous.
    Will def be trying the other items



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