Friday 28 September 2012

Rutland Cycling I-phone/Smart phone holder review

Back at the start of the summer holidays, I was asked if I'd like to review a phone holder for attaching to your bike, which I thought would be perfect for Sophie as she went out for bike rides around the park with her mates. Then the summer didn't happen - well, not until we arrived in Tunisia anyway ! - so we never got around to trying it out.

It's been sitting at the bottom of my "to be reviewed" box ever since until I had an interesting discussion with a friend of ours, who has just retired and loves going for long bike rides with his grandson. He was jokingly complaining that his daughter is constantly phoning them to find out where they are and how they're doing when they're in the middle of their rides so they have to stop while he fishes around in his backpack for his phone. When I mentioned the Rutland Cycling phone holder, he said that it sounded absolutely ideal so I've passed it over to him to try out.

One very impressive thing that I didn't notice at first is that you don't even need to take your Smartphone out of the case to use the touchscreen - very handy if you happen to be riding your bike in the rain (which mad keen cyclists often do, so I'm told !) or if you're going cross-country and don't want your phone to get splattered in mud.

The phone holder can be attached to bike handlebars or bottle cage mounts, and I must admit, I was thinking this could be a great idea for attaching to a pushchair or pram too. It works with pretty much any smart phone or similarly sized mobile.

Be warned - you'll need an Allen key to get the phone holder out of the secure packaging and to fit the bracket.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £16.99 (but on sale for £6.99)

Disclosure : I received a Rutland Cycling I-phone/Smart phone holderin order to write an honest review.

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