Sunday 16 September 2012

Too much information ?

I don't use my blog very often for having a rant but today, that's just what I'm going to do. I started off this weekend rolling my eyes at the scandal of the topless photos of Kate Middleton. It amazes me how low the paparazzi will stoop. Sure, she's a celeb so she's "fair game" and they're "just doing their job" and all the other platitudes they'll roll out for justifying their money-grabbing actions. But she's royalty for goodness sake. Is nothing sacred ? Would they have published photos of Mother Teresa having a shower if they'd managed to get hold of them ? Or are they trying to figure out ways of getting a hidden camera installed in the Queen's toilet? I cynically tweeted that French Closer would probably be really happy to discover that she really was pregnant and the stress of the topless scandal brought on a miscarriage, then they could have another Closer exclusive about killing the future heir to the throne.

But as the saying goes, today's news is tomorrow's fish and chip wrapper - it'll blow over. What won't blow over however is the absolute gut-wrenching trauma of losing a child. I awoke this morning to the news that one of the kids at school was killed in a road accident. He was riding his bike in town, went up the back of a car that stopped at a crossing and succumbed to his injuries in hospital yesterday. He was 16. He should have been starting his first work placement tomorrow morning and was really excited about it. Literally two hours before his accident, I shared a joke with him in the school corridors on Friday.

Shocked to learn of his death, I googled it and found the story on the local papers' websites. I was absolutely shocked and horrified at the photos they have published. A shot of the scene was bad enough on the first site I clicked on (here), with blood-soaked sheets and clothes in all their Technicolour gore on full view. Apart from the shocking photo, they had very little actual information so I clicked through to the rival local paper (here). More fool me. They went for a close up of the back of the car with streaks of blood dripping down it. 

Who the hell wants or needs to see that ? I'm just a teacher in his school (and I didn't even have him in my classes, just his brother and cousins) and it made me feel physically sick. How on earth will his parents, brothers and sisters and close friends feel seeing that ? I guess there really is nothing sacred when it comes to journalism these days.

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  1. its really bad that they feel this is acceptable, as you say think how his parents feel. I did not bother clicking the links.
    Concern with the photos that were taken is that could just as easily been a high powered rifle and she was shot instead of photographed. Guess she will just have to get her all over tan on a sunbed in her own home.

  2. Oh my gosh - this is horrible. A quick glance at that first picture and you'd be forgiven for thinking that is actually him in the road. What a horrible tragedy - so sad. When you think he was about to start work experience - it's just heartbreaking x

  3. It certainly is. There was a silent march with blue balloons and white roses on Tuesday that ended at the school so they tied them to the railings along with a banner. The funeral was on Friday and after that they took them all down. Strange not to see them all there now.


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