Saturday 20 October 2012

Oy! Organic Young No Gunk Deodorant review

Now that Sophie has hit the ripe old age of 11, we're entering the (ahem) fabulous world of (pre) teenage strops, hormonal outbursts and *whispers* body odours. For the past year or so, she's been experimenting with different deodorants to find one which she likes and which works for her. I was therefore really keen to see what she'd think of the Oy! deodorant that we were sent to review from Green people.

Oy! stands for Organic Young, so I came to the product with a positive first impression. Green People explain that Oy! is the first certified organic and fairly traded range for young skin, offering a unique range of gentle, effective products for the body. Most teen products contain irritating chemicals, harsh foaming agents and pore-blocking petrochemicals that worsen skin problems like acne, blackheads and oily skin, but not Oy! Charlotte Vohtz started Green People when her daughter Sandra was just 2 years old and suffering with allergies and as Sandra grew up, Charlotte noticed a large gap in the organic skin care market. There were no organic products available for teenagers. Organic Young was developed as a range designed to help with the problems associated with young teenage skin and Charlotte's daughter Sandra has played an active part in the creation of Oy!, working alongside mum to ensure each product is what young adults want and need.

The deodorant comes as a roll-on, which was a first for Sophie, who has so far experimented with sprays and solid sticks. She wasn't keen on the wetness when she applied it and said it felt like it was stinging a bit under her arms. I applied some to see for myself after jumping out of the shower and I did feel a slight prickly sensation under one arm the very first time I used it, but never again since - a bit strange !

The fragrance isn't unpleasant but it isn't what I would associate with a teen range. It contains citrus, ho wood and prebiotics and the smell is definitely zesty and lemony. It's a unisex fragrance and Sophie wasn't keen because it wasn't girlie enough - she favours sweet fragrances such as strawberry or apple.

The main gripe she had though was that it didn't keep her dry. Now, I know that this is the whole point - organic eco-friendly deodorants don't contain pore-clogging nasties that stop you sweating so, even if they keep nasty whiffs at bay, there might still be some wetness under your arms. I tried it over several days and, if you don't sweat much, it does the job perfectly adequately. On the day I was rushing about all over the place, I did have the rather unpleasant sensation of having swampy armpits. I guess it all depends what you're used to and how much you sweat.

Sophie said that she'd be happy to use it on the days she wouldn't be particularly sweaty, but she wouldn't want to use it in the height of summer or when she has PE at school. I've just noticed on the website that you can use it on other sweaty areas like hands and feet too - now I might just be tempted to try it out on her feet too !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £7.95 for 75ml

for more information :

Disclosure : We received an Oy! deodorant in order to write an honest review.

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  1. That's interesting. I was sent another product for reviewing from OY range, the facial wash, which we liked. I don't usually use the roll-on deodorants, I prefer the sprays, but I guess this one is more eco- friendly

  2. Thanks for the informative review. A shame that it wasn't quite up to expectations, but great that it doesn't contain any "nasties".


  3. Shame it doesn't perform as well as hoped but I do like eco-friendly.

  4. It is a shame it's not an eco-friendly anti-persperant - just a deodorant.

    1. I think all the eco-friendly/organic ones work with your body so they avoid things that block your pores to stop you sweating.

  5. I'm going to sound like a real smelly belly now but I've got an admission - I never, ever use deodorant. I have a shower at least once a day (often twice and sometimes will have another quick scrub in the middle of the day!)
    I'm fanatical about not being smelly because I don't have much of a sense of smell myself so wouldn't be able to tell. So I'm always checking with my hubby that I don't stink.
    I'm a firm believer that deodorants don't work because I've often worked alongside people who use them and who really did let off a pong....

    I'm much more in favour of staying clean and avoiding unnecessary products.

    (By the way, hubby, the kids and my best pal always regularly assure me that they'd tell me if I started to far so good ;-)

    1. Depends on the person, some people sweat more than others ! :)

  6. Great review. I once watched a documentary on a product similar to this - a soap that didn't lather. I remember their conclusion was pretty much the same as yours. That occasional use where there was little perspiration, was generally okay, but otherwise maybe a little weak.
    I don't think I could like without deodorant. Seems a little extreme but I know it works for me xx

    1. I always think the organic/eco-friendly products work less well than the non-green options, but that's the price to pay for having an all-natural product that's kind to your body and the environment. The detergents/soaps always lather less because they don't have artificial foam-boosters in them, but most of the time, they work just as well despite the lack of bubbles.

  7. Thanks for an honest review. Ive yet to find the perfect Eco deodorant Sigh.


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