Friday 19 October 2012

Duracell reveal the secret of "undead" batteries in time for Halloween !

With Halloween just around the corner, I'm sure the word "undead" will have you thinking of trick-or-treaters dressed up as zombies and vampires, but Duracell have been lifting the lid on a different kind of "undead" - batteries that are being thrown away in their thousands while they still have life in them.

To prove their point, they have created this fun video to show how much battery power is being wasted - watch carefully because you'll need to answer a question about it in a giveaway that I'll be posting in just a moment !


Watch one of the most iconic bunnies - the Duracell Bunny - transform into an impressive light sculpture, showcasing how batteries which people have presumed ‘dead’ could still have useful power inside and can be given a second life.

Bunny’s Vital Statistics

The 6ft 3inch Duracell Bunny featured in the video was created by East London designer Dave Cranmer.

Made out of 147m of mild steel rod, Bunny weighs a hefty 56 kg, and it took 170 hours of single-handed manpower to craft and build.

Illuminated by 700 coloured LEDs which have been connected by just under 0.5km of wire, the lights are powered by 192 AA Duracell batteries, all rescued from the recycling stream.

Bunny’s T-shirt is comprised of 45 reclaimed, battery operated devices including TV remotes, clocks and toys and 1,500 recycled batteries have been put together to form Bunny’s shorts.

The video was produced by Duracell to demonstrate that a staggering one third of alkaline batteries thrown away may still have up to 67 per cent of usable power left inside.

Duracell Ultra Power is the only battery that offers the unique built-in Powercheck technology. It’s like having x-ray vision, enabling you to see the energy left inside so you can squeeze out all the available battery power. It’s as simple as pressing the white circles on each side of the battery and the gauge will indicate how much power remains.

Don't miss my Duracell Halloween giveaway coming right up !

Disclosure : I received a Halloween party pack from Duracell, as well as one to give away, in order to learn more about the power left in "dead" batteries.

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  1. I love that Halloween mask, haha. x

  2. I was waiting patiently to see what was going to be made hehe x

  3. Cool video - and I think he looks very scary in that mask and monster pyjamas. xoxo

  4. That's very interesting about the undead batteries, mask is fun too!

  5. What I tend to do is use the batteries but save them and use them in smaller objects like clocks and control pads. They have just enough in them to work the smaller things but not the bigger things like cameras etc.

    1. Yes, that's exactly what they say - they suggest remote controls :) I put it on the giveaway post :)

  6. I use batterys from toys in the computer mouse, i get a few weeks out of a supposedly dead battery

  7. Wow! That was cool! I love the mask so much. I'll try to look for used batteries from my kid's toys. I hope I could make one for halloween.


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