Saturday 6 October 2012

Little Charley Bear Ready Teddy Blast Off review

We all love Little Charley Bear here at The Madhouse. The kids love the funny stories and the "Are you there, Charley Bear?" catchphrase and I love the fact that Pierre always snuggles up on the settee to watch it calmly when he's tired, avoiding many a grumpy tantrum ! When we were asked if we'd like to check out the new Ready Teddy Blast Off toy, that was a total no-brainer - of course we would ! Shortly afterwards, this rather fabulous looking rocket arrived. The Madhouse Mini-testers were extremely excited because they recognised it from one of the Little Charley Bear episodes they have seen.

In the cockpit sits a little Charley Bear figure, that you can take out when he decides he wants to keep his feet on the ground for a while ! I was worried about this getting separated from the rest of the toy and lost but they have thought about it and created a "secret compartment" in one of the orange rocket launcher capsules that he can be stored in.

The whole front of the rocket opens up so that it is just like a playhouse, revealing lots of interesting nooks and crannies for Little Charley Bear to explore and have adventures in. Pierre loved making him look out of the window.

There is also a  lift that you can sit Little Charley Bear in to push him up and down between the two levels.

It's a lovely toy that is visually appealing and that leads to much imaginative play and role play. My one little criticism is that the plastic could have done with being a bit thicker. Opening and closing the front flap is a slightly delicate progress and I'm not sure how well it will resist Pierre's rather rough handling over time.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £24.99

Disclosure : We received a Little Charley Bear Ready Teddy Blast Off toy in order to write an honest review.

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  1. we have the plane which is quite sturdy, not sure if this would hold up to my boy's ruff & tumble lol

  2. such a lovely programme, this looks great


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