Tuesday 30 October 2012

The winners of the first ever Slow Toy Awards

slow toys 2012

It's inevitable that modern kids, however young they are, are going to want and, dare I say it, need, electronic gadgets and battery-operated toys. It's an essential part of growing up in the modern world and teaches them important life skills. But I also think it's very important to maintain a balance between hi-tech gadgets and the more old-fashioned, traditional toys that rely on imagination and creativity, not batteries, to work. I told you about the Slow Toys Movement last year and even shared my top slow toys nominations with you. This year saw the first ever Slow Toy Awards, so I thought you might be interested to find out which toys were picked as the winners.


Welcome to the Slow Toy Awards ... recognising quality, tradition, creativity and toys that care!

Following the success of the ‘Slow Toy Movement’ last year, this year the team decided to return to inspire and challenge the industry once again and develop the campaign significantly by announcing the first ever Slow Toy Awards.

The original concept was to raise awareness of the increasing presence of battery operated plastic toys that distract children with countless functions and the subsequent move away from traditional toys. The disappearance of the educational abacus, the beautifully crafted wooden toy and the much loved dolls house that encourages creativity and imagination is very much the issue at the heart of this campaign.

The Slow Toy movement and its awards aim to recognise the ‘real toys’ on the market that are well made, inspire the mind and provide children far more than the noise and flashing lights commonly associated with the toys of today.

These toys have been awarded by the judging panel for encouraging traditional play, boosting creative thinking, inspiring the developments of one’s own imagination. They are not made of plastic, are without batteries and are sold in independent toy shops. They are durable, stand the test of time, without thousands of different functions and, are officially Slow Toys!

Following some vigorous judging by the panel, which included: Peter Jenkinson from Toyology, Al Boxall-Gordon from IzziwizziKids, and three mummy bloggers: Nicola from ‘Monsters Funhouse’, Fiona from ‘Mummys Little Stars’ and Kate from ‘What me and the Boys say’ we have our winners of 2012:

slow toys 2012

The Wonderworld Eco House, by Wonderworld

The Wonderworld Eco House is made entirely from sustainable rubberwood and is essentially a traditional dolls house with furniture and a family, but with a modern twist. All sides of the house are open to allow easy access for small hands and encourage children to play together, whilst the Eco features help to teach children about the environment and ways in which they can save energy around the home. Included in the Eco House are recycling bins, a water butt, solar panels, an electric bike, wind turbine, 3 family members and furniture. And the best bit, for every tree used in manufacture, another 2 are planted in conjunction with Thai farmers
RRP: £112

slow toys 2012

Rory Story Cubes, by Coiledspring Games

A game of nine dice, each face with a different image on it! Players simply roll the dice and tell a story with the pictures in front of you. With over 10 million different combinations, you can be sure that you’ll never tell the same story twice! Instead of sitting in front of television and watching a story unfold, a round of Rory’s Story Cubes will get children really thinking outside the box. A child’s imagination knows no limits, so the stories are sure to be inventive, witty and highly original! All you need to play Rory’s Story Cubes is an active imagination and a sense of adventure!
RRP: £10

slow toys 2012

Triangular Activity Centre, by Bigjigs toys

The beautiful Triangular Activity Centre, which features a colourful abacus on one side, a blackboard on the other and wooden letter and pictures blocks on the other, is a great educational toy for children aged 1+. Each end also features colourful counting and animal sorters. This wonderful wooden toy offers a modern twist on a classic toy encouraging learning through play, enriching the educational experience.
RRP: £24.99

slow toys 2012

Oobicoo, by Totseat

Oobicoo is an enchanting, soft and huggable toy tot who at 60cm tall, is the perfect size to be an instant baby brother, sister or best friend to a toddler. Oobicoo was designed to be dressed in hand-me-down-baby clothes, a simple idea that encourages the reuse of outgrown baby clothes, providing Oobicoo with an instant wardrobe - all ready for imaginative play! And best of all with each sale, Oobicoo raises money for the Children's Immunology Fund. Oobicoo encourages creativity and imagination and is ideal to help develop communication skills. What’s even better is, Oobicoo is completely eco friendly having been manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials.
RRP: £46.80

slow toys 2012

Multi-solution Puzzle, by P’kolino

In four unique designs, the multi-solution puzzle is made from chunky durable wood, perfect for little hands. The puzzles develop a child’s ability to creatively solve challenges as they have many solutions holding their attention for longer. Best of all the clever designs mean age is not necessarily a barrier to enjoying the creativity of these puzzles. Imaginative, educational and a great design, these fun toys are the next generation of wooden puzzles.
RRP: £14.99

slow toys 2012

Wondercube, by My Wonder

The sheer delight little ones get from tearing wet wipes out of the packet is the inspiration behind this activity toy – a simple soft box with squares to pull out! Each square has a different feel and sound to explore and the pieces can be pulled apart, stuck back together and rearranged in any order. Suitable from birth, it can
help stimulate babies’ senses and develop their fine motor skills. It’s also designed to grow with the child. With a choice of innovative add- on fillings, suited to each child’s needs - including numbers, letters, animals and storybooks - the adaptability and versatility of this simple cube is infinite. The Fairtrade My Wondercube is made from organic woven cotton and is ethically produced and eco-friendly. This wonderful box of tricks is educational and hours of fun and is a toy that will endure and amuse for years.
RRP: £14.99

slow toys 2012

Stacking Hoops, by Play to Z

A gorgeous and ethical sensory-rich alternative to a traditional stacking toy. Stacking hoops gives children the freedom to simply explore and play as they wish, exploring the hoops individually or following their own mission of stacking and sorting. The unusual sensory appeal of the carefully sourced items and fascinating stories ensure maximum appeal. This resource inspires discussion, investigation and imagination galore.
RRP: £48

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  1. there are some lovely toys there. Love the Wonderworld Eco House and the story cubes are a brilliant idea. Such a simple idea, my daughter loves making up stories so this would be great for her.

  2. Where can I buy the Bigjigs Triangular Activity Centre from!?

    1. www.bigjigstoys.co.uk or amazon, amongst others


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