Saturday 20 October 2012

Ecover new products range review

When Ecover asked me if I'd like to receive some samples of their newest products to try, I took one look at the fragrance of their new washing-up liquid and rattled off an enthusiastic email to say yes please ! So what was the fragrance that got me all excited ? "Festive Cookie" - drools !

The complete line up of new products that I received was Festive Cookie washing up liquid, Oven & Hob cleaner, Liquid Laundry gel and Anti-Bacterial wipes. Time to get the kitchen sparkling then !

The first product that I tried was, unsurprisingly, the Festive Cookies washing up liquid. So does it smell as wonderful as I hoped ? In a word - yes ! Imagine being given the job of creating Christmas in a fragrance - I think the people at Ecover did a pretty good job, combining gingerbread, cranberry and cinnamon. It's a really uplifting smell that helps turn a chore into a moment of pleasure. The last time I said that was when I discovered method's cinammon bark cleaner which smelt equally divine and which left me gutted when it was taken off the shelves. I was equally disappointed to learn that the Festive Cookies washing up liquid is another limited edition so I'll have to stock up on a few bottles before it disappears. (It's available from October to February, exclusively at Ocado or on Ecover Direct.) I love the product but I thought the packaging was a bit bland and thought it should be covered in pictures of cookies or have a really festive design.

Next up - the Oven & Hob cleaner. It's labelled as a powerful degreaser but I was slightly dubious when I saw the spray gun because it looks much runnier than my usual products (which come out more as a gel or a mousse). Well, I have to say it's not bad actually. It does cut through grease and grime reasonably well and left my oven smelling nice and fresh. It's not quite as effective as my usual products but I'd expect this for an eco-friendly version because it always seems to be the price to pay. I love the fact that it can also be used on dishes with baked on food residue, as this helps boost the efficiency of the Ecover washing up liquid for the really stubborn stains.

I moved on to the Anti-Bacterial wipes next. I love the Pomegranate and Lime fragrance and the convenience of the wipe format. Although I always feel a bit guilty using wipes because they're not very eco-friendly, you can't beat them for quick clean-ups or certain jobs like cleaning the potty properly or giving the toilet seat and door handles a quick wipe over when you've only got a few minutes. 

And finally, the Non Bio Laundry Gel. I actually find this just as good as my normal big brand laundry liquid so I love the fact that it's kinder to the planet while not losing on efficiency. 

If you want to give the new products a try too, there is a special "Pioneer Pack" available on the Ecover Direct website which offers the Laundry Gel, Wipes and Oven/Hob cleaner for £7.99 instead of £10.95 (that's over 25% off).

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : wipes £2.19 for 40, laundry gel £4.99 for 18 washes, oven/hob cleaner £3.79 for 500ml, washing up liquid £1.85 for 500ml

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Disclosure : I received a selection of Ecover's new products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Wow, Festive Cookie sounds marvelous! That's a scent I'd love to try. I bet it gets you in the holiday mood.

  2. I've gotta get my hands on the washing up liquid, just love the Christmas smells!

  3. festive cookies washing up liquid sounds amazing !

  4. I love Ecover stuff - I find this brand amazing!

  5. Ive been using the non bio laundry liquid, it smells lovely


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