Wednesday 10 October 2012

WeightWatchers Oaty Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies review

I'm loving the flexibility that WeightWatchers online gives you - nothing is forbidden fruit, as long as you calculate the number of points (which is very straight forward if you enter the values from the nutritional information and add it to your ProPoints tracker). This system allows you to calculate the exact ProPoints value of any product from any brand, but many food items are already listed in the ProPoints tracker. Then you have the WeightWatchers branded products which proudly display their (very low) ProPoints value on the packaging itself, making it even easier.

The latest WeightWatchers product that I've been sampling has been the Oaty Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies. They come in individual serving packs - the photo above shows the contents of one pack - and you get a lot of biscuits so, even if each one is small, your brain thinks you've been eating loads of biscuits and makes you feel incredibly satisfied !

The biscuits are very crispy and crumbly with a lovely taste and texture. They have tiny nuggets of chocolate in them but then the biscuits themselves are tiny too. They're great for people watching their waistline but I've also noticed that the younger Madhouse Mini-testers are always drawn to them too because they love the small size of them. We even ended up using ours as ears on our Pudsey Chocolate Chip Cookies that we made for Children In need !

Each 19g bag contains just 87 calories, 3.3g of sugar and 3.6g of fat, of which 0.8g saturates. They're lovely to nibble on but if you want something to dunk, be warned - they're too small so you'll burn your fingers in your tea !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.59 for 95g (5 x 19g)

Disclosure : I have been given a year's membership to Weight Watchers Online and receive monthly hampers of products in return for honest reviews. 


  1. I love how Weight Watchers appreciate that ladies like to have their cake and eat it too. I lost 4 1/2 LBS with them last week

  2. Ah ah the comment about them being too small to dunk made me smile!
    It's all about the portions, isn't it?

  3. i always expect low calorie biscuits look & taste like cardboard lol, think they have improved so much these days, someone bought these into work last week but they didn't last long :)

  4. These look really yummy and at just 87 calories they aren't going to spoil my diet. I think I'll be adding these to my next shopping list.


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