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Kelly's of Cornwall ice cream

We love Kelly's of Cornwall ice cream here at The Madhouse, firstly because it tastes so gorgeously creamy, secondly because it reminds me of family holidays to Cornwall when I was a kid and thirdly - because we all ALWAYS fall on the floor laughing when we pull off the lid to reveal a pair of boobs !!! Anyone who's ever eaten Kelly's will know exactly what we mean ! Anyway, Kelly's are on the lookout for the perfect pudding to pair with their luscious ice cream. Read on for more information, as well as a lovely recipe for Treacle Tart, and (coming up in a moment) a giveaway here on my blog to win some Kelly's Ice Cream. I'm just too good to you !


Cornwall’s leading ice cream producer, Kelly’s, is launching a nationwide search to find the ultimate home-made pudding recipe to serve with Kelly’s ice cream.

perfect pudding

Kelly’s of Cornwall knows only too well how many fantastic puddings us Brits have created over the years and with autumn around the corner, what better excuse to enjoy cosy nights in than getting creative in the kitchen for the Kelly’s ‘perfect pudding’ competition. 
Do you make the most sumptuous sticky toffee pudding? Have you got the best bread and butter pudding recipe in the county? Then this is your chance to don an apron, bring out the rolling pin and bake for the opportunity to represent Kelly’s of Cornwall online pudding campaign.
The lucky winner will be honoured on the Kelly’s of Cornwall website with their recipe professionally made and photographed. What’s more, the lucky winner will also be treated to a year’s supply of Kelly’s of Cornwall ice cream.  For ten runner’s up, there is a month’s supply of Kelly’s of Cornwall ice cream up for grabs.
There are seven flavours of Kelly’s of Cornwall’s velvety ice cream to get creative with, so why not organise an evening in with great company, fun entertainment and a rather generous helping of your homemade creations for all to share and feedback.

It’s easy to enter, just submit a photo of your chosen pudding with a detailed description of the recipe, including the flavour of Kelly’s of Cornwall ice cream it matches perfectly with.  Enter online via the entry form at  You must upload a picture of the finished pudding and a reason to why your pudding is oh-so-perfect with Kelly’s ice cream.  The deadline for entries is 2nd November 2012.

Members of Kelly’s judging committee will then judge all entries and one winner and ten runners up will be selected, and announced on 9th November 2012 – National Pudding Day.

The Kelly’s of Cornwall range available in supermarkets includes:

·     Clotted Cream Ice Cream 1 litre
·     Clotted Cream  & Golden Syrup Ice Cream 1 litre
·     Clotted Cream  & Honeycomb Ice Cream 1 litre
·     Clotted Cream  & Strawberry Ice Cream 1 litre
·     Clotted Cream & Blackcurrant Ice Cream 1 litre
·     Clotted Cream & Chocolate Ice Cream 1 litre
·     Cornish Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream 1 litre
·     Cornish Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream 2 litre
RRP of £3.99 for a 1 litre pack.

If you want a recipe to get you in the mood, this Treacle Tart looks totally delicious :

Treacle Tart


6oz short crust pastry

125g/4oz golden syrup
1 tablespoon lemon juice
75-125g/3-4oz fresh white or wholemeal bread crumbs

Using ¾ pastry line 7in pie plate

Add lemon juice to syrup and add to breadcrumbs

Pour filling into pastry. Dampen the edges of the pastry

Roll out remaining pastry to an oblong 18cm/7in long, cut into 5mm/1/4in strips. There should be 10.

Twist and place lattice fashion across the tart

Bake for approx 30 mins at gas 6/200C/400F

Perfect with Kelly’s of Corwall clotted cream ice cream!

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