Saturday 6 October 2012

Join the global #CardboardChallenge today !

I told you last week about us being challenged to become a junk-modelling family by make-do and we had a fabulous time making (with a little help from Madhouse Grandad !) our first creation, a rather fabulous London tube train that Pierre and Juliette had great fun playing with all afternoon.

When I saw a post on Britmums all about October 6th being the day chosen for a global Cardboard Challenge, I knew we'd have to get involved ! I remember seeing the buzz about Caine's Arcade last year and was impressed with the creativity and imagination that went into his masterpiece. I didn't realise it has become a global inspiration though, so it was great to catch up with news of Caine. You can watch the video of the whole story on youtube below :

The Madhouse Mini-testers have been keeping all the cardboard recycling all week and before they were even out of their pyjamas this morning, they excitedly started looked at the pile to see what they had to make their creation today. I let them get on with it by themselves while I was busy around the house and was very impressed to see what they came up with - a rather brilliant elephant. (Sorry about the patchy paint job, it's not quite dry !) The tusks are made out of toilet rolls wrapped in paper, the eyes are water bottle lids and the pink thing on his head is a hat apparently ! Well, yes, obviously !

It's certainly not in the same league as Caine's Arcade but they had great fun and learnt once again that you don't need expensive gadgets and toys - just a load of old rubbish (literally) can be the basis of a lot of fun !

Head on over to Britmums to join in with the #CardboardChallenge today ! I'd love to see what you make so feel free to add your links below.

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  1. Love the elephant, kid's creativity is just great isn't it?
    We did the cardboard challenge too,


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