Wednesday 31 October 2012

Character Building Doctor Who Dalek Spaceship Set review

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A few weeks ago, we received a Dr Who-themed construction set from Character, designed to create a rather impressive-looking Dalek Spaceship. Seeing the 5+ label on the box, 7-year-old Juliette excitedly asked if she could make it and tipped out the contents of the box.

Dr Who, toys, reviews

When she saw the sheer quantity of plastic bags containing tiny plastic elements now strewn across the table, not to mention the entire book of rather complicated instructions, she realised that she'd bitten off more than she could chew and hastily handed over the project to big sister Sophie.

Dr Who, toys, reviews

11-year-old Sophie relished the challenge and tipped all of the pieces into a cardboard box before settling down for an entire afternoon of contented spaceship building.

Dr Who, toys, reviews

If you're anything like me, as soon as you hear the words "construction kit", you automatically think of Lego and the little interlocking plastic pieces of this kit are very very similar.The instruction booklet is detailed and fairly simple to follow, using big pictures rather than text, although the fact that the colours don't correspond to the pieces you need to find make it confusing at times.

Pierre looked on in awe as a rather impressive spaceship started taking shape before his eyes.

toys, reviews, Dr Who

The press release promised "a highly detailed and functional playset with moveable parts, detachable skimmer car, laser cannons and a transparent dome" and we weren't disappointed. Sophie was very proud of her creation.

Dr Who Dalek Spaceship Set

I'll show you the official photo to finish because we'll never get it to look absolutely 100% right, despite our best efforts, especially as a couple of pieces keep falling off ! It's a very impressive model and was great fun to make, although the 5+ age range is hopelessly optimistic. It took a whole afternoon for 11-year-old Sophie to build it, with some help from me, so buying it for anyone under the age of 10 would lead to disappointment and frustration when it turns out to be much too hard. It's definitely the perfect kit for any slightly older Dr Who fan though.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £29.99

Disclosure : We received a Dr Who Dalek Spaceship set in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Nice! Now just add a Raspberry Pi and you have a prime contender for the most beautiful Raspberry Pi casing...

  2. Any chance you have the manual still? We've lost ours and I'd like to get a scan of it if possible as a PDF.

    1. Very doubtful but if I do find it, I'll send it over

    2. if you have the manual i would love to get a copy
      kind regards

    3. Have you tried contacting them ? They might have it as a padf?


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