Thursday 25 October 2012

Barratts Shoes Give Me Happy Feet Poem !

Barratts shoes

(For some reason, I got the urge to do this particular blogger challenge in rhyme - hope I manage to make you smile !)

When a shoe-themed fashion challenge on a blogpost was spied,
"Ooh another chance to play with Polyvore" was what I happily cried!
Hello, Terri Lowe wants our top picks from Barratts Shoes,
The only hard thing is narrowing down which ones to choose !
 A quick glance at my mood board and it's easy to see,
"Eclectic" is the word that instantly comes to me !

First choice was for work wear in the wind and rain,
This was a nice easy choice for my brain :
Some suede faux fur lined boots, that look just like Uggs,
So snuggly and soft they'll feel like foot-hugs !
They'd go with everything from trousers to a skirt
And they are flats too so won't make your feet hurt.

Staying on the work theme for when the weather is dry
These Studded Point Toe Ballerinas are what I'd like to try.
They look soft as slippers but elegant too
Which is my definition of the ultimate shoe.

Glamming it up for the Christmas party season,
I want shoes with a heel but it has to be within reason.
It's hard enough walking on heels when you're stone cold sober
But after a few glasses of bubbly, for me it's game over !
These wedge court shoes have a solid high heel
So they're easy to walk in but have a glamorous feel. 

If I'm feeling energetic, I want something fun,
Skechers Gratis Purestreet Lace Up would have to be the one.
I love the contrast of the black and bright pink,
Whatever my (almost) teenage daughter might think !
These might even be enough to get me feeling sporty
Which is no mean feat considering this weekend I'm turning forty !

And finally, for winter nights, look what caught my eye:
Dunlop Fluffy Pig Slippers that must have escaped from the sty !
Snuggly and fun and really rather silly
Perfect for lazing around when the weather's turning chilly.

So there you have it, my roundup is complete,
Barratts really have the lot to give me Happy Feet !

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Boot-iful giveaway over at Hello, Terri Lowe blog.

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