Saturday 13 October 2012

EdenFantasys - definitely not just an adult store !

Spooky. Sexy. Fun. Happy Halloween from EdenFantasys!

When I first received an email asking if I'd like to become a blogger for EdenFantasys, I clicked through, discovered that it was an adult-oriented American site and though "oo-er Missus, that's DEFINITELY not for me". Then I noticed that, in the email presenting the programme, once you got past the mentions of things made of latex whose very names made my eyes water, they actually have a really wide range of lovely-sounding products that wouldn't make you blush if the postman delivered them in front of your mother-in-law, such as candles, beauty products and novelty items. So I decided to investigate, and, after a couple of totally inoffensive and PG-rated sponsored posts, went off to spend the vouchers I'd earned. I have to admit, I was expecting cheap tat and embarrassing packaging but I was pleasantly surprised. So I've decided to come clean and share some of my purchases with you. Who'd have thought that someone like me - a respectable mum and teacher - could go shopping in an adult store and like what I found ?!!

First up, I treated myself to this lovely Belleza Box set of beauty products. Inside the sturdy, pretty pink box, you get a selection of trial-sized beauty products from the Principessa range -  Cattiva Diva Silky Hand Cream, Terme Tresses Shampoo & Conditioner, Candelina mini soy candle, Dolce Dreams Whipped Body Lotion, Fresh Fiore Creamy Body Wash and a shower puff. They smell lovely and look really high class - not what you would expect from an adult store ! They look so pretty, in fact, I even put them out on the shelf in the bathroom, hoping nobody would ask where I bought them from ! I needn't have worried though. Looking around online, you can buy them in a lot of beauty stores too. (RRP $46.99)

Next up, I decided to try out their "sensual candles" section and plumped for a Champagne Lights candle. I always love scented candles so I was instantly attracted to the Cinnamon & Apples fragranced candle and it wasn't until I was about to add it to my basket that I noticed it had added pheromones ! I thought "ah what the heck ?" and went for it anyway ! I can't say I or Madhouse Daddy Mike noticed any effects whatsoever from the pheromones but we did both say it had a lovely scent. I was intrigued by the texture of the candle which is made of tiny granules of wax rather than a solid candle. Again, very nice and - apart from the (debatable) addition of pheromones - there's no way you would ever think this came from an adult store. (RRP $6.50)

Now, I had to have a serious think before venturing into the clothing section because I knew I'd have to wade through a lot of tackiness erotica before finding something that left anything at all to the imagination ! I was on the look-out for PG-rated lingerie, and I did find some really lovely pieces (as well as a lot of peekaboo bras and crotchless panties - not for me thanks !)

I chose this slinky little black number because I liked the cut, the halter neck and the row of funky metallic squares along the bust line. They call it a dress, I call it a nightie - each to their own ! It is made of a stretchy polyester mix but feels really nice and doesn't make my hair go frizzy with static electricity ! It's not overly revealing or tarty which is what I was slightly worried about. (RRP $32.99)

So there you have it. Nothing to make me blush when the postie delivers it ... except for the fact that whatever you purchase, they write "massagers" on the customs note !!

Disclosure : As an EdenFantasys blogger, I earn vouchers by giving my honest opinion about any aspect of their website.

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  1. Sounds like they have some nice things, well worth a look. Although printing "massagers" on the customs note would have me blushing.


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