Friday 5 October 2012

Ragu Pasta Sauce review

There are certain weeks at The Madhouse that I cook everything from scratch ... then there are other weeks like this week when I'm overstretched, over-tired and constantly in need of a quick meal on the table with a second's notice. Well, it's been the perfect time for trying out the products from Chicken Tonight and Ragu that I was sent to review.

 Today, I had a last minute request for a sleepover from Sophie - she's been having a bit of a bad time lately with all this bullying business so I said OK, then needed a meal that would stretch to one extra serving with very little time. I decided to try a jar of Ragu Bolognese Sauce. I used the Traditional Chunky variety - it also comes as Original Smooth - and I have to say, after adding some minced beef and onions, it looked and tasted homemade so it's great as a timesaver when you're in a rush. Everybody loved it and nobody noticed I hadn't cooked it from scratch until I told them - always a good sign !

The other jar of Ragu pasta sauce (I can tell I'm tired, I keep typing Rasta sauce!) that we tried this week was the Tomato & Basil  sauce.

Once again, I was impressed with the large chunks of tomato which gave this a very homemade, rustic feel.

I added minced beef, mushrooms and onions so it came out pretty much like the bolognese to be honest. This could be used on its own for a simple vegetarian option or used with chicken or bacon and olives to jazz it up a bit. I think I may use this to make a quick (and frugal) pasta sauce with leftover chicken or pork after the Sunday roast next time.

I was very impressed with how homemade the sauces looked and tasted and the sheer convenience so I'll definitely be buying these as a store-cupboard staple for those days I need a quick meal that is cheaper and healthier than a takeaway.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.99

for more information :

 Disclosure : I received a hamper of Chicken Tonight and Ragu products in order to write honest reviews.

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  1. Always enjoyed Ragu, always thought good flavours and good value for money

  2. I've not had Ragu for years, as found it very strong tasting before (but did like it still). Think I'll give it another go!


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