Thursday 25 October 2012

Moshing & Washing with Persil !

At the end of the summer, Persil invited us to get involved in their Mosh & Wash campaign, encouraging the kids to get creative and crafty with a musical-theme (even supplying a bottle of Persil for cleaning up the little moshers' clothes afterwards !) They sent through two kits full of supplies to get us inspired, the first of which invited them to get drumming.

I said we needed to look like rock stars which they didn't really understand, so I showed them this photo of Madhouse Grandad getting into the groove with an air guitar and rockstar wig for the Rock of Ages twitter party a few weeks ago ! "Ohh like Zingzillas" was their reply !

Juliette scurried off and came back with a rock chic bandana – very 80's-style Guns & Roses !

And then Pierre came running in looking like ... this !!

Hmmm I guess the fact that he has a Mr Tumble CD means that he thinks he's a rock star ! Nevertheless, he got well into the drumming … and I didn't even need the Persil to clean them up this time ! (I still used it to get the weekly wash done though, thanks very much !)

I will be back to show you what we did with the second package of goodies shortly – bet you can't wait !

Disclosure : We received two packages of music-themed goodies to get the kids inspired, as well as a bottle of Persil to clean them up afterwards.

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun - I love Pierre's look! x

  2. Pierre seems to be having a ball, love the huge big smile

  3. looks like they had a great time :)


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