Wednesday 24 October 2012

To dunk or not to dunk? That is the question !

If I say the words tea-time to you, what does it evoke? For me, tea-time is what we used to call our evening meal (and I've carried on this tradition with my own kids) so I'd be most likely to think classic kiddie meals like beans on toast, sausage and mash or pasta bakes.

I'd also think of the Tea-Time family selection boxes of biscuits that we used to have when I was a kid, but everyone used to eat the custard creams, bourbons and jammy dodgers and leave all the boring shortbread and digestive types until they went soggy and the dog ended up with them !

If you say tea-time to people in France, they imagine everybody downing tools at 4pm and having a tea break worthy of tea-time at The Ritz. A bone china cup and saucer with tea served in a dainty tea pot, accompanying a delectable selection of tea cakes, scones (but should that rhyme with bones or The Fonz ?!), cream, jam and dainty little cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

I still laugh when I remember a Northern friend who came to visit us down south in Hastings and was scandalised when she ordered a cream tea in a quaint little tea shop in the Old Town. "They dumped a lump of cream IN the tea and called it a cream tea", she fumed. I laughingly asked her what she was expecting and she said that to her, a cream tea was a cup of tea with a selection of cream cakes.

So what about you? What do the words tea-time conjure up for you ?!

Disclosure : This is a sponsored - but hopefully entertaining nevertheless - post !

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  1. I'm the same as you, tea time conjures up getting home from school and having my evening meal!


    Can cause some crumbs though :/

  3. I think I'd be scandalised by describing a cup of tea with cream in it as a cream tea too.

  4. Oh no, never dunk - I have a phobia about 'bits' in the bottom of my cup!

  5. Cream tea is a great English institution. :)
    Although I use a mug for tea most of the time, I absolutely loooove dainty cups and saucers which are reserved for when I have special friends for tea.

  6. Forgot to add it's a No-No for me re dunking, in my mind it is associated with old toothless darlings who keep their teeth set in a glass by the bedside.


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