Sunday 28 October 2012

Sunday weigh-in : Happy birthday to me !

Today is my birthday - the big 4-0 ! I think I'm supposed to be feeling old and depressed but I'm not at all ! I'm tempted to not even jump on the scales today because it's been a week of celebratory drinks, Ben & Jerry's and chocolate. But what the hell - whatever the scales say in a minute, I'm not beating myself up about it.

What strikes me as even more of a milestone than my 40th birthday, however, is that it's my 1-year anniversary of starting the SlimPod. I've just been to check and my first ever SlimPod review was written on 21st October after listening to it for 5 days. I was totally convinced the SlimPod wouldn't work and it's really interesting to see me slowly coming round to acceptance - accepting that the SlimPod works and accepting that I was getting back in control of my weight. It's funny now to see that I totally refused to give any figures at the beginning ! I didn't want to admit it to myself, let alone you lot ! But in January, part of my New Year's resolution was being honest - with myself mainly - and I admitted that my start weight was 91.4kg

In one year, I've lost 11kg. Compared to some people, that's not a lot. I've seen people losing a stone in a month or a steady 1kg a week, so I could have reached my target already instead of "just" being halfway. But that's OK. It's taken me a while but I've realised I'm not trying to prove anything. My body, my weight, my timescale - I'm in no rush. I put the weight on over ten years so losing nearly half of it in one year sounds pretty good to me. Hopefully, this time next year, I'll have done it - or at least got close. I'm back to the weight I was after Juliette - two pregnancies down, two to go !

But more than all that, I've shown the kids - Sophie in particular, who is at "that" age - that losing weight isn't about starving yourself or following faddy diets. It's about eating whatever you like, but in small quantities. It's about not beating yourself up if you fancy chocolate or ice cream. It's about eating fruit and salad and actually enjoying them. It's about being happy and upbeat, whatever the scales say. It's about being in control and knowing that you can make things happen. And that is invaluable.

Well, it's that moment of truth ... wow, I actually lost 100g which is pretty amazing, thinking about what I ate this week ! I should be getting a new mp3 player today for my birthday so I'm going to start listening to the SlimPod every day to see if that helps.

STILL TO GO : 14.3kg

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The fab linky that Sarah created is back again this week so you can all add your blogposts again - and the amazing thing is, you can add it to any of the blogs featuring it and you'll show up on all of them. How cool is that ?! You'll also get loads of lovely comments to cheer you on or cheer you up, depending on how your week has been ! Good luck everyone - I look forward to reading your posts. (Ooh I can see three of you have posted already - time to go and see how you got on !)

Disclosure : I'm currently using a Thinking Slimmer SlimPod and a WeightWatchers Online subscription, in return for honest feedback. I also receive regular hampers of WeightWatchers products, and have also benefited from a one-month Jenny Craig trial.


  1. Well done! Have a great birthday - I hope you're going to treat yourself to a slice of cake! x

  2. You're doing so well Cheryl. Hope you allow yourself a few treats today.

    1. My mum & dad & sister are coming over so it'll be a big roast followed by birthday cake !! Next week may not be such a good result !!

  3. yay well done on a loss and a massive happy birthday to you (the right day this time). Diets don't count on birthdays.

  4. Way to go and happy birthday! Enjoy yourself, a lot can happen before the next weigh in! xx

  5. Well done on your continued weight loss. Its so nice to hear such a sensible approach to the subject. I wish you good luck in achieving your goal. You sound so positive and Im sure if you ever hit a down point these blogposts will refocus you. Happy 40th, hope you have a totally fabulous birthday xx

  6. Happy Birthday! And sensible words x

  7. Happy Birthday and well done! I am sure that the weight will stay off as you have the right approach

    1. Thanks lovely, and happy birthday right back at you ! xxx

  8. A little late but Happy Birthday, I hope that you had a lovely day. You've come so far in the last year you deserve a few days off. xx


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