Saturday 6 October 2012

Pharmaton Active Life review

When Bzzagent sent me through an email, asking if I needed a little help getting my groove back, I couldn't help but smile when I read their message because it really spoke to my inner-80's child : "It's 1983 and Breakdancing is ruling the dance floor...What a feeling!" – If you heard this on the radio then you would be grabbing your leg warmers, putting on your sweatshirt and practising those moves! Remember that youthful energy? Back when puffball skirts and fingerless gloves were the height of fashion? We do (and embarrassingly have the pictures to prove it).

However, if like us, you have been thinking this is all in your past; new Pharmaton Active Life wants you to think again. This new supplement caplet with unique Ginseng G115, vitamins and minerals helps build and sustain your energy levels so you can get back to your groove! Try the free month's supply sample included in your pack and judge for yourself." I never had a puffball skirt but I did have pink pixie boots, batwing jumpers and mismatched fluorescent green and  pink socks !

I've never been one for popping pills, preferring to get my vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and vegetables in my diet, but I seem to be constantly running around at the moment. To take yesterday as an example, I only work two hours in the morning from 10-12. Easy life ! The afternoon is mine to do as I please. So what did I do ? 

Firstly, rushed home to Sophie who was freaking out because a sparrow had flown into the house and was flying into the windows on each side of the living room and she couldn't get it out. Then set off on a mammoth trek to find myself a new dentist. My old one has retired, which I discovered when I phoned to get an appointment and got a message on his answerphone - couldn't they have sent out a letter ? After going to four different dentists, I finally found one who was taking new patients AND who had a cancellation for next Friday - bonus ! I decided to keep on the medical appointment theme and booked the girls in for an eye test. The first appointment available was for April 2013 ! I shouldn't complain, at least they're on the books. Lots of people can't find an ophthamologist who will take new patients at all.After all this, I had 25 minutes of me-time left before it was time for the school run and arrange an impromptu sleepover for Sophie.

Any extra energy was therefore a gifthorse I wouldn't look in the mouth so I happily started taking the Pharmaton caplets. I can't say I noticed any difference to be honest - I didn't suddenlyhave an amazing burst of energy - but the manufacturers say that this isn't a quick fix like you get with energy drinks, it's more a gradual build-up. They say that they start working straightaway but you can notice a real difference after 3-4 weeks. They are scientifically proven to gradually build and sustain energy levels and contain vitamins and minerals which support energy generation (such as B1 and iron), and the unique Ginseng extract G115.

They're so simple to take - just one caplet a day at breakfast - that it's easy to get into the habit of taking them and you almost forget all about them. Which means it's hard to judge how well they're they're working because you never know how you'd be feeling without them. What I can say is that the sore throat I had earlier in the week and the repeated sneezes never developed into the cold that everyone in the house has had. Despite being overstretched, I've still been doing trips to the park, cooking and crafty projects with the kids, which are normally the first things to disappear when I'm lacking energy. I haven't fallen asleep in front of the TV once and have been feeling less snippy with the kids, which is the first sign I'm tired usually. So yes, I think they probably are working, even if I haven't had any strange urges to start bodypopping my way around the house !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £9.99 for 30 caplets but you can get 3 for the price of 2 at Boots (

Disclosure : I'm a Bzzagent. I receive the product for free in order to give my honest opinion and vouchers or samples to pass on to friends to help spread the word. Find out more at

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