Monday 29 October 2012

Deli 24 Strips & Sticks review

When the opportunity came up to review some Deli 24 snacks, I jumped at the chance. As anyone with kids knows, responding to requests for snacks is an unavoidable part of a parent's day and trying to find something healthy but appealing amongst all the crisps, biscuits and sweets on offer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Well, I was pleased to see that Deli 24 actually have some really kid-friendly but healthy options available.

Unsurprisingly, the ones that instantly leapt out at the Madhouse Mini-testers were the Strips, with their funky, brightly-coloured packaging and cute characters. They actually look exactly like Cheestrings except they are made with ham rather than cheese - calling them hamstrings wouldn't have been a good move though, eww !

Unlike Cheestrings which you can peel apart with your fingers, I did need to use a knife to cut the top into tiny strips so that Pierre could have fun shaking out the "palm tree", as he called it. The girls had more fun peeling off each individual strip from the pile and eating it that way. Either way, they all absolutely loved them. Looking at the label, so do I. Each 28g strip contains 31 calories and 1g of fat, of which 0.4g saturates. The packaging says that they are high in protein, low in sugar, contain no artifical colours or flavours and the ham has no added water. Perfect for healthy snacking or lunchbox treats.

As well as the Honey Ham Strips which they are sampling here, there are BBQ Chicken strips too.

The Madhouse Mini-testers soon spotted the equally-appealing Sticks and wanted to try those too.  tThey share the cute characters and individual serving packets that make them ideal for lunchboxes. They started with the Cheese & Ham Sticks - literally a stick of cheddar cheese wrapped in ham - which contains 58 calories, 4.2g of fat (of which 2.6g saturates) and half a glass of milk.

Other varieties include Cheese & BBQ Chicken, Cheese & Sweet Chilli Chicken and Cheese & Pepperoni.

I chopped up a Pepperoni and Cheddar one to see what they'd think and they weren't as keen because it was a bit too spicy - yay, me and Madhouse Daddy Mike might actually get a look in then ! These look really funky as grown-up appetisers if you chop them into small sections and stand them on end, or - if you're into Annabel Karmel-style fun-looking food  for kids - they'd make great eyes stuck in a plate of mash or on pizza !

There are also a few slightly more grown-up flavours that I'm really hoping the Madhouse Mini-testers will turn their noses up and leave for us ! Chicken Breast wrapped around Sage & Onion Stuffing and Sweet Chilli Chicken wrapped around British Cheddar sound divine !

Pierre and Juliette will often turn their noses up at "boring" chunks of cheese or ham on a plate so the fun-factor is a great way of getting them to eat it, especially in lunchboxes. The individually wrapped servings also make them ideal for snacks on the go and they're a much healthier option than sweets or crisps.

It's a brand that I'd never heard of before, but one that I will definitely be looking out for to see what else they have on offer. 

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP :  £1 for 4 x sticks, 44p for 1 x 24g stick

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Disclosure : We received a selection of Deli 24 products in order to write an honest review.

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