Friday 28 June 2013

10 ‘recipe rules’ to reduce saturated fat content in recipes

You may remember a couple of months ago, I took part in a 30% Less Blogger Challenge where I had to create a lighter (in fat and calories) version of a favourite family recipe. If you're clever, this can actually be achieved in a variety of ways. Here is some advice for reducing the amount of saturated fat in your cooking from the Fat Information Service :


A recent UK study analysed 904 recipes developed by celebrity chefs and discovered over three quarters (87%) contained high levels of undesirable nutrients, particularly saturated fats. Eating too much of this type of fat contributes to heart disease and obesity.

Prompted by the new findings, along with evidence indicating that the UK currently consume 20% more saturated fat than is recommended, Fat Information Service experts have developed 10 easy to follow rules that can be applied to any recipe to help make it healthier by reducing the saturated fat content.

The new initiative by FIS aims to encourage the nation to get ‘recipe savvy’ by helping them recognise how to make their favourite home-cooked meals healthier without compromising on taste. For example, simply swapping butter for a vegetable oil based spread or replacing cream with low fat yogurt can significantly reduce the saturated fat content of a recipe. In addition, FIS are also reminding people of the importance of comparing food labels and selecting products that are lower in saturated fat as another simple way to boost their heart health.

Dr Emma Derbyshire, nutritionist and independent advisor to FIS, comments, “Celebrity chefs are great for inspiring people to cook fresh meals and try different types of foods. The problem is that their recipes are generally far too high in saturated fat and calories to be eaten regularly, making them better suited for treats and special occasions.

“The ‘recipe rules’ developed by the Fat Information Service aim to address this by introducing simple changes that people can make to any type of recipe to make it healthier and allow them to include it as part of their regular diet.

“These simple steps to cut down on the amount of saturated fat, such as adapting recipes by swapping less healthy ingredients with lower sat fat ones, and using healthier cooking methods, could potentially save thousands of lives and years of living with heart disease."

The Fat Information Service Recipe Rules:

1. If the recipe includes cream, replace with lower fat fromage frais, natural yoghurt or crème fraiche
2. Swap whole milk for semi skimmed or skimmed milk
3. If you are using cheese to flavour a dish or a sauce, opt for a strong tasting cheese and use a smaller amount of it. Alternatively, try a reduced fat version
4. Swap butter for vegetable oil based spreads or margarine
5. Use unsaturated oils such as olive, sunflower or rapeseed oils instead of butter, lard or ghee
6. Wherever possible grill meat and poultry instead of frying it and cut off any visible fat or skin before cooking
7. Use a non stick pan to avoid adding extra fat when cooking
8. Add less meat to stews and casseroles and replace with pulses and extra vegetables instead
9. When making a pie opt for just one crust – either a lid or a base – as pastry is high in saturated fat - (also try to make pastry with vegetable oil based spreads or margarine instead of butter)
10. Grill, bake, poach or steam rather than frying and roasting

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