Monday 24 June 2013

Snails Kid-friendly Nail Varnish review

When this pretty little bag of girlie goodies arrived at The Madhouse, both 8-year-old Juliette and 11-year-old Sophie squealed with delight ! But I was just as happy as they were because these nail varnishes are from Snails, that's short for Safe Nails. 

I must admit I'd never heard of them but I wish I had long ago - they are every mother's (and indeed mother-to-be's) dream because they are not only non-toxic but also water-based and water-removable, designed especially for children and expectant mothers. That means they can be easily washed off from your nails but also, if (or, in my experience, when !) nail varnish ends up getting knocked over on the floor/table cloth/bedding/clothes, it should come out too. I have various pink and purple splodges on Sophie's old Barbie duvet sets that show how hard - in fact I would even go so far as to say impossible - it is to get regular nail varnish out in the wash. I also hate the eye-watering fumes and harshness of nail varnish remover so being able to bypass that is another huge plus point in my eyes.

But I have to admit, as they are water-based, I was expecting the colours to be a bit wishy washy and the varnish itself overly runny. Well, if I hadn't known, I'd never have been able to tell the difference. Here are Sophie's shots for showing off the polishes - ignore the blue bits around the edges and on her big toe - that was from the regular nail varnish that she had on before and hadn't managed to get off completely !

The colours are really pretty and vibrant and the nail varnish gave really good coverage. It doesn't come off if you wash your hands quickly but if you have a bath and let it soak or give it a good rub with soap and water under the tap, it does come off.

I've been happy enough for Sophie to use nail varnish because she's old enough to be able to apply it relatively cleanly now, but I rarely allow Juliette to paint her finger or toe nails because she always manages to make a mess. With these washable products from Snails, I will be much more likely to let her have her girlie fun too though, so she's over the moon. And it's just in time for the summer when she will be able to show off her carefully painted toes in her sandals ... if the sun ever comes out, that is !

To celebrate their first aniversary, Snails are currently offering a special offer on their website - you can get a little bag (as in the top photo) with two random nail varnishes, a buffer and instruction booklet for €7.50. As the regular price per nail varnish is €8, that's a really good deal.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : €8 each (or currently €7.50 for two random nail varnishes)

for more information :

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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