Saturday 29 June 2013

Nashville : Complete Season One DVD review

Country music has a really bad reputation in the UK, so when an American friend online mentioned that it was all he ever really listened to, I scoffed. He therefore went on a mission to prove to me that country music isn't all twangy guitars and suicidal lyrics and I have to say, I discovered some great musical talent - huge names in the States that most Europeans have probably never even heard of. 

I was therefore intrigued to see what I'd make of Nashville, an American TV show that has just been renewed for a second series and whose Complete Season One DVD is out in a couple of weeks. It actually reconciles the two different views I now have of country music and will be a great way of introducing both styles to a wider European audience.

The official blurb says : "Country gets dirty as two of its major stars go to war! In Nashville, the established ‘Queen of Country’ is upstaged by a successful newcomer but won’t give up her crown that easily in this new smash-hit TV series starring Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Malcolm In The Middle) and Connie Britton (The West Wing, 24). Faded country music star Rayna Jaymes (Britton) is asked by her record label to support new young, best-selling star Juliette Barnes (Panettiere) on tour after her own records don’t sell so well. Rayna puts her career at risk by rejecting the idea of a joint tour because she can’t stand Juliette’s new style of ‘bubble-gum country’. But the two women come into conflict when they try to sign up the same guitarist, Rayna’s bandmate and former lover Deacon Claybourne (ER’s Charles Esten)."

I have only watched the first disc so far (out of five, featuring 21 episodes) and I'm already totally hooked. It reminds me of Desperate Housewives with a cracking musical soundtrack ! The storylines are full of drama - I can already see the foundations being laid for some serious showdowns and plot twists later in the series - and the powerplay between the two musical rivals is gripping. Young up-and-coming Juliette comes across as a total bitch in the first few episodes but her heartbreaking background is slowly revealed and Rayna is great as the older singer, determined not to let her fame slip away before she's ready - there's life in the old dog yet ! (Not that I'm calling her a dog !). The love interest is realistic and could go either way too so it's really addictive stuff !

One big surprise is that Hayden Panettiere can really sing - in fact, she recently released a single, Hypnotizing, which you can listen to below.

If you like that (and admit it - you liked it more than you expected, didn't you ?!), you might like to know that Volume 2 of the Nashville Official soundtrack was released on May 20th via Universal Records.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £34.99

  • Number of discs: 5
  • Classification: 12
  • Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment UK Ltd
  • DVD Release Date: 15 July 2013

Disclosure : I received the DVDs in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Ooooo I have absolutely loved this! Can't wait for Season 2! I even got the soundtrack for my birthday :-) x


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