Friday 21 June 2013

What's Cooking at The Madhouse next week ? menu plan 21/6

Second to last week before the long summer holidays - can't wait ! Lots of extra cooking coming up then as I'll need to prepare lunches and dinners. The Madhouse kids decided to get involved with menu planning this week - could be interesting to see what they ask for, especially as Sophie got a cookery book out of the library and has bookmarked loads of recipes that she wants us to try !


lunch - The kids have had enough of McDonalds for a while so we'll be at home. Crispy Chicken Goujons with potato wedges and baked beans or fruity coleslaw.

dinner - Madhouse Daddy soup, if I can talk him into it !


lunch - traditional Sunday roast or barbecue, depending on the weather

dinner - just a sandwich or some of Madhouse Daddy's soup


dinner - Late night at work so I need something quick. Hopefully there will be some leftovers from yesterday to heat up with gravy and add potatoes and veggies.


dinner - Twice-baked potatoes stuffed with mushrooms/bacon/onions/cheese and beans


lunch - Arancini  (cheese-filled rice balls) with steak and broccoli

dinner - Sweetcorn fritters, cherry tomatoes and homemade fishcakes


dinner - Homemade Cheesy Bread Rolls filled with bacon and served with salad and tomato salad


dinner - Pork Paupiettes with pasta

Extra baking

Peach Clafoutis
Banana Bites
Chocolate Orange Brownies
Peanut Butter Bears

(Recipes to follow but I doubt very much we'll have time to make them all this week !)

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  1. What is a pork paupiette? That sounds interesting


    1. aha I'll do a blogpost ! :) It's basically sausagement wrapped in a fillet of pork or chicken and tied up with string.


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