Monday 10 June 2013

Hot Wheels Ballistiks Full Force review

You can tell Father's Day is almost here. My blog seems to have been taken over by boys' toys today ! That's not to say that the girls here at The Madhouse didn't get excited when the postie dropped off this Hot Wheels Ballistiks Full Force toy to try out though.

The idea is brilliant. You load up the clever balls into the machine (you only get one in the box but you can buy extras separately and we got an extra one), then you pull the lever, the ball shoots out, smacks into the wall and turns into a car. Well, in theory, because in practise, it only works about a quarter of the time.

My advice is to position it close to a wall or place a big hardbacked book like a dictionary in front of it for the best results. The fact that it is a bit hit and miss does add an element of will-it-won't-it? suspense though, because you never know if it will actually work or not, so I suppose this could be seen as a good thing because it keeps interest levels up ! Even when it stays as a ball, Pierre still has fun seeing how far and how fast he can make it roll anyway. He's also discovered that you can throw the balls directly on the floor without the launcher to make them spring into cars too.

When the launcher does work, it's very cool and is guaranteed to get a cheer from Pierre and the girls. There's an LED light showing you where to aim but it's really very simple, although the lever can be quite hard to operate for little fingers. 

When the warmer weather is finally here to stay, I'll be moving this out to the front of the house because I can see this working really well smacking into the wall outside (and it also protects the paintwork on the skirting board !). The cars are really simple to fold back up into balls so you can start all over again.

The idea is fabulous and I'm hoping we'll get a higher success rate for them opening into cars the more we practise playing with it. Pierre likes it as a ball launcher anyway !

star rating : 3.5/5

RRP : £19.99 for the launcher, £6.99 for each extra vehicle

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Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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