Friday 28 June 2013

What's Cooking at The Madhouse next week ? menu plan 28/6

This time next week, I'll be dancing around the room as it will be the start of our long, 2-month summer holiday - woohoo !


lunch - Fishfingers with rice and peas.

dinner - Madhouse Daddy soup, if I can talk him into it ! French onion soup with toasted cheesy croutons sounds nice for a change


lunch - traditional Sunday roast or barbecue, depending on the weather (probably roast, judging by the weather forecast)

dinner - just a sandwich or some of Madhouse Daddy's soup


dinner - I fancy trying to make Fougasse, a type of bread, with olives, bacon and parmesan - just need to find a recipe ! Served with salad and tomatoes


dinner - homemade lasagne or cannelloni - same recipe either way !


lunch - beefburgers and spaghetti

dinner - Can't decide whether to lean towards Chinese or Indian - either way it'll be fruity chicken, either with cashews, pineapple and onions or mushrooms, dried apricots and curry sauce.


dinner - garlic & lime salmon with creamed carrots and mushroom risotto


dinner - grilled marinaded chicken thighs with potato wedges and salad

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  1. I love the fact that Daddy is involved in cooking. A good menu, as usual. Could I come for dinner on MOnday? would love to try your fougasse bread.

    1. He actually only cooks three things - soup, barbecue and beefburgers and rice or pasta on a Wednesday lunchtime when he gets home before me !! lol

  2. Ohh we have another few weeks until the summer holidays....I'm counting down the
    Everything sounds fab!! Have a great week x


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