Sunday 23 June 2013

TrayKit Travel Backpack and Play-Tray review

A little while ago, an email landed in my inbox asking me if I'd like to review a TrayKit. This was a product that I'd never heard of but the email explained : "This is the all in one children's travel carry-on backpack & play-tray. It can be strapped on to train & plane tray tables or can be hung from the seat in a car to provide an extendable play surface." Knowing that we'll undoubtedly be trekking off to the in laws in Brittany at some point over the summer and that this means keeping the kids in a small confined space for 8 hours each way, I thought that sounded great !

I explained the concept to Juliette who opened it up to investigate. She loved the idea and raced off to her room to find some toys to put in it.

She loved the little pockets and the mirror and used the central pocket for stashing her felt tip pens and the side pockets for storing her little secret treasures like rings and marbles. I told her that when we go on trips, she could also use the pockets for storing sweets or snacks. She sensibly added that it would be a good place for keeping the SeaBands safe too - good thinking !

We haven't actually used it in a train, plane or automobile yet, but Juliette has been using it around the house. It's great for keeping all her little bits and pieces together, especially when she is in the middle of a crafts activity or playing with something like Playmobil or Littlest Pet Shop and it is time to pack up and eat - rather than ending up with toys scattered across her bedroom floor, the TrayKit keeps it all stored until the next time she wants to play, picking up where she left off. It's also great for messy artists who go over the lines (and even the edges of the pages) when colouring in - by putting the colouring book inside the TrayKit, this protects your bedding/table cloth/floor from any felt tip stains.

When it's all folded up and zipped closed, it can be easily transported as a backpack. Juliette loves having the independence of choosing her own in-car/plane entertainment and being responsible for it. 

The TrayKit comes in a choice of four designs - Blue Camo (the one we have), Pink Polka, Star & Whale orStripe & Croc.

If you are nodding your head saying "ooh yes, that's a great idea", don't go away - I'll be posting a giveaway in just a second where you can win your very own TrayKit.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £24.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. This looks great - would be ideal for our holiday!



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