Saturday 15 June 2013

The National Trust's 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

The long summer holidays are only a few weeks away so I'm sure I'm not the only parent trying to think of ways to keep the kids entertained. The National Trust have come up with a fabulous tool to keep us busy and encourage us to get out in the fresh air - a big list of  50 things to do before you're 11 ¾. Perfect timing too as Sophie will be 12 in August !

From the simple (make a daisy chain, run around in the rain) to the more complicated (camp out in the wild, dam a river, find a geocache), the list will undoubtedly lead us on some really exciting adventures. A few of them made me feel quite nostalgic - making a mud pie, setting up a snail race and making a grass trumpet, for example, are all things that I remember doing as a child but that I don't think I've ever done with my own kids so I can't wait to print out the list and start ticking things off.

I'm pleased to see that some of the activities are things that we have discovered together over the past year -  pond dipping, making daisy chains and rolling down hills, to name but a few.

You can download and print out the list straight from the website but if you sign up to personalise your online explorer, you can also unlock special certificates, games, hidden secret challenges and rewards. 

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  1. Like to know how to make a grass trumpet!

    1. You just hold a thick blade of grass between your thumbs, cup your hands and blow - it takes a lot of trial and error, like when you make owl sounds by blowing through your hands ! I've just googled it for you - :)


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