Friday 21 June 2013

Fitness DVD review : Total Cardio Burn with Caroline Pearce

Whenever I read about a 20-minute workout, I'm always dubious - can something that short really be effective? Well, the latest fitness DVD to come through to The Madhouse for review promised just that - Total Cardio Burn with Caroline Pearce promises 3 x 20 minute body blasting cardio workouts.

I was dubious but pleased because a short burst of exercise is about all I can fit in between getting home from work and heading off on the school run, especially if I don't want to turn up totally puffed out with a bright red face ! 

The DVD begins with a short introduction (which you can bypass) then a warm up - I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was breaking out into a sweat before I'd even finished the warm up so it obviously hits the spot straight away ! I then went onto the first 20 minute session which certainly does give you a good work out. I could feel my muscles working and my heart rate increasing but each movement only lasts a couple of minutes at most, so it's easy to keep motivated and push through to the end.

Caroline Pearce is actually the perfect person to bring out a fitness DVD. As a former international athlete, fitness trainer, sports scientist and TV Gladiator, she offers the ideal combination of serious fitness knowhow and celeb status. She isn't just there to look pretty, she really does do the workout and even if she makes it look much easier than it is, it's actually quite refreshing to have a workout without the inane drivel that many of the celebs spout out constantly during throughout their entire fitness DVDs ! She has a fabulous body that you can see has been achieved through hard work, not plastic surgery, so her claims that this workout will give you flat abs, toned thighs or sexy arms seem realistic, not to mention highly motivational.

It's not an easy DVD - I was ready to flake out after the warm up and 3/4 of the first workout ! - but I'm looking forward to pushing myself a little further each time and ultimately getting onto the harder workouts. Caroline gives lots of encouragement in a voiceover as we watch her do the exercises and this makes it really easy to see what you're supposed to be doing. You need a couple of dumbbells to get maximum benefit but even without, you'd still get a great workout.

So, in conclusion, yes - I'm now convinced. Twenty minutes really is long enough to make a difference. There goes my biggest excuse then - I'll never be able to say I haven't got time to fit in a workout now !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £10.99

runtime : 78 minutes

Disclosure : I received a copy of the DVD in order to write an honest review.

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