Sunday 23 June 2013

What to do with a crateload of strawberries?

Madhouse Daddy always comes out to see what I've brought back from the farmers' market and rolls his eyes indulgently. I can never turn down the bargain basement job lots at the end of the market when they're clearing out the fruit and veg that needs using up so after a crateload of melons a couple of weeks ago, then a trayload of cherry tomatoes last week, today I came home with a trayload of strawberries !

They're lovely and sweet so we've already been eating them - some for dessert after the Sunday roast and the kids pinch one every time they walk past - but I need to find some ways of using them up before they spoil.

Here are some of the recipes I may well be trying to use them up, but I'd love to hear any other recipes or suggestions that you may have :

Strawberry Shortcake Snake 

I'm also thinking strawberry jam, Eton Mess and smoothies if I still have loads left over.

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1 comment:

  1. I would probably make a strawberry syrup to go over ice cream and bake some strawberry banana muffins if I found that many strawberries in my kitchen!


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