Monday 5 May 2014

Madhouse recipe : Spanish Spice-Crusted Roast Pork with Cardamom Infused Olive Oil

You may remember me excitedly telling you about a fabulous selection of olive oils that I received to review from Colonna.They have some very innovative flavours to experiment with, including everything from rose and mustard to ginger and myrtle berries.

I promised to experiment with them in the Madhouse kitchen and the first one that caught my eye when I was preparing the pork for this week's Sunday roast was the Aromatico olive oil, which is flavoured with cardamom seeds. 

I sprinkled the meat with some rock salt and Spanish seasoning, then drizzled over some of the Aromatico olive oil.

This worked really well, producing a fabulously moist roast with a beautifully flavoured spicy crust. The flavour of the toasted cardamom seeds from the oil perfectly complemented the mild smoked paprika heat from the Spanish seasoning. Served with roast carrots (cooked under the pork so that they roast in the cooking juices) and plain white basmati rice, it didn't even need gravy !

Disclosure : I received a selection of olive oils from Marina Colonna in order to write an honest review and try them out in my cooking. For more information on the brand, head to

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