Saturday 10 May 2014

#ReadCookEat recipe : Mango Vinegar Prawn Salad, inspired by Craig Robertson's Last Refuge

Last month, I joined in with the Read Cook Eat challenge, co-hosted by Galina at Chez Maximka and Chris at Cooking Around The World, and vowed to join in again this month. Whereas last time, I linked up a few old posts that tied in with books, I set myself the added challenge of trying to find a recipe for every new book that I finish reading. 

Well, I've just finished reading Craig Robertson's Last Refuge - click on the title to read my review - and, while the book itself doesn't really mention any recipes, I decided to take the exotic location of the Faroe Islands as my starting point. A quick google search revealed such gourmet delights as sheep's head, dried whale blubber, cod heads and stuffed puffins, none of which I fancied strangely enough, so there wasn't a great deal of genuinely geographic gastronomical inspiration. I therefore decided to just go for something vaguely fishy !

Mango Vinegar Prawn Salad

ingredients :

some lettuce leaves
1 tomato, sliced
2tbsp green olives
1/2 cup king prawns
1/4 red pepper, thinly sliced
3 tbsp Maille Mango Vinegar

Roughly pull apart the washed lettuce leaves with your hands and use it to line a plate. Arrange the tomato, red pepper and olives around the sides . (I was rather pleased with my tomato hearts that happened quite by accident !) Pile the prawns in the centre and drizzle mango vinegar all over everything.

I served this with a hunk of the Thyme, Sea Salt & Bergamot Focaccia that I made the other day.

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  1. Not sure I'd be brave enough to try puffins or sheep's head, so a nice bowl of prawn salad sounds much more appealing. A very posh meal! Thank you for joining in our challenge! xxx

    1. Very quick and simple and perfect for warm summer days ... so I'm not sure they'd appreciate it in the Faeroe Islands ! lol

  2. Sheep's head? Hm, I have to say I am quite happy, you didn't try that one. I'll be fine with some of your salad. Thanks for joining us, too!

    1. LOL I must admit, I was expecting some more appetising fishy Faroese recipes !


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