Monday 5 May 2014

Madhouse diaries : Geocaching adventure in the Dunes de Cabourg !

We were so busy having fun during the holidays that I didn't have time to blog about all our adventures - it's lovely to be revisiting them now that we're all back to work and school ! This trip to the Dunes de Cabourg last week was a geocaching first on two fronts - our first foray into the hundreds (literally) of caches in the dunes and countryside along the Belgian border and our first geocaching adventure with Madhouse Daddy.

What was lovely about this walk is that it's a round walk that has been designed to lead you to some of the lovely surprises hidden in the dunes that we would never have found otherwise. The dunes cover a vast expanse so you'd never find these places if you didn't know they existed.

And that's even without the added excitement of finding the caches. We were delighted to see that there are lots of "regular" sized caches on this circuit, whereas we've been used to "small", "micro" or even "nano" ones so far.

And that means more treasure ! It's always exciting seeing what's inside and the kids get equally excited about deciding what to leave in exchange. The Poppy Cat rucksack that you can see on Pierre's back in some of the photos is full of little toys and treasures that they found after scurrying about in the house and looking through the toyboxes !

Right, bring on the caches !

We went hunting in the undergrowth ...

in hollow tree trunks ...

and in the bushes.

We stroked donkeys ...

and horses ...

and ponies.

We saw bunkers in the middle of fields.

This circuit is part of the Great War geocaching route.

But it was still a suprise when we walked around a corner and came nose to nose with a tank !

We got rained on a few times so the pages of my book started sticking together !

We saw gardens with dozens of gnomes ...

and lots of chickens ...

a fairy village ...

and even a flying reindeer !

We spotted cows ...

sheep ...

and an incredibly brave rabbit who let us get really close !

The magic of geocaching is never knowing what you're going to find and what you'll discover along the way.

The kids were very pleased with their haul of treasures - Sophie had been telling me she needed to buy some more scoubidou strings so finding them in several of the boxes on the way made her very happy !

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  1. Such a fab idea! Looks like a lot of fun! xoxo

    1. Oh yes, it really is, but it's also very addictive !

  2. this looks like a fab fun day out. A round route is the best and love all the things you saw on the way. These animals and things add to the childrens enjoyment and make the whole experience so much fun for them. Nice to get daddy involved and really make it a family activity. Thanks for linking up. .

    1. We always used to go out for big walks anyway but geocaching takes it to another level ! :)


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