Sunday 18 May 2014

Stapleton Yogurts review and recipe roundup

A few weeks ago, Stapleton sent me through a fabulous selection of their yogurts to try out. I had a hard time choosing which ones to try first because they all sounded utterly delicious - would I be good and go for the low fat options (raspberry or nectarine & passion fruit ?), the more indulgent fruity ones (gooseberry or strawberry & clotted cream ?) or tuck into a big pot of Greek yogurt (natural, prune & date, vanilla or lemon curd?) or the ones with added grains and seeds? Luckily, there were plenty to go round so we all got to try all of them !

While we couldn't agree on which one was the ultimate flavour - I opted for the glorious Greek Recipe Lemon Curd Yogurt which has a fabulous texture and a lovely zingy citrus flavour, with the indulgent Strawberry and Clotted Cream, a real taste of summer in a pot, coming in a close second - we did all unanimously announce that they were delicious and much more moreish than our usual yogurts. The kids even picked them over chocolate dessert pots which just proves the point.

You may notice some of the pots have the words "extra thick" on them - well,look at this. They aren't kidding !

I also wanted to try some out in cooking, opting for the Greek Recipe Natural Yogurt as a lighter alternative to cream.

I spooned some into some chicken curry (chicken, vegetables and a spicy tomato sauce) to reduce the heat.

The result was a fabulously creamy, indulgent sauce and nobody would ever have known it wasn't made with cream.

Having discovered that the yogurts with added seeds and grains were delicious with muesli in place of milk, I decided to get a bit innovative and try it in bread. (For MAKING bread, not in a sandwich, I hasten to add ! Even if it was Sandwich Week last week and Yogurt Week this week, I don't fancy combining the two !) This is my rather delicious apricot and pistachio oaty yogurt bread using the Fig & Date Yogurt with sunflower seeds, cereals and grains which was knocked up in the bread machine with very little effort. (Click through for the recipe.)

I also used the Natural Yogurt in place of cream for a lighter version of spaghetti carbonara, and it also worked really well in this St David's Day quiche with leeks and bacon.
It can also be mixed into beaten eggs for wonderfully creamy scrambled eggs or omelettes. Basically, wherever you would normally use cream, you can substitute yogurt. With Yogurt Week kicking off next week, it's the perfect time to get innovative so let me know if you have any other ideas !
Disclosure : I received some yogurts in order to write an honest review.
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