Monday 26 May 2014

I've been guest-blogging over on the Wilko Life Blog

Wilko recently got in touch with me to say that they were working with a group of mummy bloggers to come up with some ideas for keeping the kids (and the rest of the family) entertained over the bank holiday. They asked if I'd like to put a guest post together for them. Well, if you've been following my blog recently, I give you one guess as to what the subject matter was !

Yep, you got it - I shared my top tips for geocaching with the kids, which is not only great fun, it's also totally free !

Head over to the Wilko Life blog to read my guest post :

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  1. I didn't know what geocaching was before this post, but it looks like loads of fun.

    1. we're only recent converts but it gets addictive ! you can see all my geocaching posts here :

  2. I do love your geocaching posts. Off to read the guest post now


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