Wednesday 14 May 2014

Viakal Challenge : The Kitchen Taps !

Savvy Circle recently invited me to take part in a campaign for Viakal and sent through a kit containing two spray bottles of Viakal, along with an Insider Guide, some hard water tester strips and money off vouchers to pass on to friends.

Having just finished the washing up, I decided to tackle the mixer taps in the kitchen. As you can see, there are lots of greasy fingerprints and also some white watermarks all over them.

There is also a black residue around the bottom of the tap and the middle of the tap - yuck !

The central draining area between the two sinks is where I keep a bar of soap and the washing up sponge so it had lots of soap residue on it.

I sprayed Viakal all over it, left the foam for a couple of minutes for it to do its stuff then washed it off with a sponge.

This photo made me laugh because, even if it was admittedly just a trick of the light coming in through the window behind, it has that flash of sparkling cleanliness that you see on the adverts for cleaning products !

Changing angle to avoid the glare, you can see that it really is genuinely cleaner though. The metal is gleaming with all traces of fingerprints and limescale gone and even the sink, with its watermarks and leftover grease spots from the washing up, has come up spotless.

I had actually tried Viakal before - you can see how well it worked in the bathroom last time we tested it - but I don't remember it smelling this lovely. As well as getting the kitchen visibly cleaner, it also made it smell lovely and clean and fresh.

Just to finish off, I can't not tell you about one of Madhouse Grandad's classics bloopers. When he saw the bottle in the kitchen (and luckily, I saw what he was looking at, otherwise I'd have had no idea !), he said : "Oh, that Viagra is brilliant stuff, it works really well" ! Well, there you have it !!

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £3.05

Disclosure : As a member of Savvy Circle, I received some product to test and give honest feedback about, as well as information and money-off vouchers to pass on to friends.

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  1. Replies
    1. LOL I'd never have believed it hadn't been photoshopped if they weren't my photos !

  2. I knew there was some use for that Viagra, lol lol.
    Looks very shiny indeed!

    1. It'll make me smile every time I see all the Viagra spam in my inbox now !

  3. debbie godbolt29 May 2014 at 00:30

    hi i tried the viakal too and was also amazed at the difference it made and how good it smells x


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