Friday 16 May 2014

What's cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 16/5/14

The kids are off sick with a tummy bug today so I'll have to play it by ear - it may be a few days of plain rice, plain pasta, ham and boiled fish at this rate !


lunch - pan-baked chicken (using So Juicy cooking sheets) with rice and ratatouille

dinner - homemade soup


lunch -  BBQ hopefully

dinner -  leftover soup (the kids have started eating soup too so there isn't as much left over now - mini bagels or cheese toasties if we run out)


dinner - leftover bbq

dinner - meatloaf with sweet potato wedges and salad


lunch - homemade pasties with mash and peas/carrots
dinner - macaroni cheese


dinner - chicken curry & rice

dinner - Potatoes, Okra & Baked Eggs (from Dock Kitchen Cookbook - I have a pack of okra in the freezer to use up !)

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  1. Aww! I hope the kids are feeling better now!!
    Everything sounds fab!
    I'm liking the sound of the meatloaf....We've not had that for ages :)

    1. They're fine now, luckily it was only a (very yucky !) 24 hour bug ! I haven't done meatloaf for ages either, thought it would make a nice change ... if I can remember how to make it ! :)

  2. I love homemade pasties, they are always more tasty! Hope you have a good week x


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