Sunday 25 May 2014

Madhouse Diaries : Bonne fête Maman !

As you might have guessed from this week's Silent Sunday, today is Mothers Day in France. What better way to get woken up on a Sunday morning than a beaming Pierre proudly showing off his drawing ?!

Then he disappeared and came back clutching a fabulous creation that he has secretly been making at school for the past few weeks !

A very psychedelic-looking paper flower.

In a VERY glittery pot with a C for Cheryl - I have to keep wiping bits of glitter off my nose !

The little pot is full of little cotton wool balls and Pierre very proudly and seriously told me that I can use them for taking off makeup or nail varnish or getting blood and muck out of cut fingers !! How lovely !! Looks like he knows exactly what it means to be a multitasking mum already !

Pierre pointed out a pink heart on the back where he has been practising his very best handwriting.

And tucked away behind it is a little poem that he had learnt by heart. He was word perfect and even had little actions to go along with the words - too cute !

For those of you who want to practise your French, here's a quick translation :

How do I write the word Maman (Mum)
To tell you how much I love you?
I took two creams M's
With two chocolate A's
And a little nougat N
My mouth is full !
But I have to teach
My greedy tummy
How to spell the word MAMAN !

Not to be outdone, Juliette excitedly brought in a hand-decorated mug that she had made at school. I love her face in this picture - she's bursting with pride !

Wishing a very happy Mothers Day to all the French mums ! Bonne fête des mamans !

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  1. Aw, what lovely presents, so much effort has been put into them. I LOVE that flower.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids


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