Tuesday 20 May 2014

CB12 Boost chewing gum review

Quite some time ago, we reviewed CB12 Mouth Rinse, a highly effective mouth wash that combats bad breath for up to 12 hours by neutralising, rather than masking, the VSC's (volatile sulphur compounds) that cause bad breath. 

They recently got in touch to say that they have a new product in the range, CB12 Boost chewing gum, and sent us some to try out. I'm sure I'm not the only one to reach for a piece of extra strong mint chewing gum after I've been eating a meal that's a bit heavy on the garlic but CB12 boost, which is a two-layer chewing gum, is the first and only product available in the UK which really prevents bad breath (rather than masking it) and provides a burst of cool, minty flavour for an instant refreshing effect that lasts for several hours.

CB12 boost is no ordinary chewing gum. It contains zinc for preventing bad breath, fluoride to help strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay and xylitol to help reduce plaque. It's sugar free, containing just 3 calories per piece, and tastes very nice and refreshing.

The only downside is the price - at £4.99 per pack of 10 pieces, it's considerably more expensive than regular chewing gum or breath fresheners - but it does go way beyond what they do, dealing with the cause rather than the effects. If you suffer from bad breath regularly or you want an extra confidence boost before a hot date or an important job interview, you might want to invest in a pack. As it contains fluoride, it could also be a great temporary alternative to brushing your teeth if you're camping or going somewhere where you won't be able to brush your teeth easily. (I'll pop some in my bag for when we're on holiday in Turkey and can't drink the water from the taps - someone invariably finishes off the bottle of water that I've kept on the side of the sink for brushing my teeth before I get there so this will keep me going until I get a new bottle from reception !)

CB12 boost can be used on its own during the day (recommended intake: five pieces per day) or in combination with CB12 mouth rinse. It is suitable for those aged 12 and over and is quite safe during pregnancy but the recommended daily intake should not be exceeded.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £4.99 for 10 pieces

for more information : www.cb12.co.uk

Disclosure : I received the product in order to write an honest review.

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