Wednesday 21 May 2014

Like, Love, Loathe Linkie - 21/5/14

I love bloglovin, especially the daily digests - it's a fabulous way of catching up on everything that's going on on my favourite blogs, scanning through and clicking on all the posts that catch my eye. (If you're not following me on there, you can find me here !) It was thanks to bloglovin that yesterday I discovered the fab #alphabetphotography challenge that kicked off this week and today, I spotted another one that appealed to me - Like, Love, Loathe - over on the Futures blog (which I spotted on Life In A Breakdown).

It's basically an invitation to look back over your week and blog about what you liked, loved and loathed - they're on to week 14 but this is my first time of joining in.

Like - School Trips For The Kids

I love how enthusiastic the kids have been about going to school recently, mainly because they don't seem to be spending much time in the classroom at the moment ! Juliette has the most with three trips to a maritime museum (including exploring a beautiful big three-master boat), a trip to the planetarium and a trip to the cinema planned over the coming weeks. Pierre also had a trip to the cinema a few weeks ago, as well as an afternoon at the circus. Sophie is off to visit a museum with her latin group tomorrow and is all excited about seeing a mummy !

Love - summer's on the way

 "Summertime and the livin' is easy ... !" The sun has had his hat on all over the weekend and that has meant days out, Madhouse Daddy taking over the cooking and doing a barbecue for Sunday lunch (and Sunday evening, Monday lunch and dinner with all the leftovers !) and the patio being transformed into an oasis of colour with some carefully selected plants to add splashes of colour. This has reminded me that the summer really isn't far away - there are only about six weeks of the school year left, woohoo roll on long summer holidays and lazy days ! :)

Loathe - Tummy Bugs

Well, the upside was I got a bonus day off to look after the kids, but what a day it was ! I've never done so much washing in one day in my life (3 machines + the tumble drier to empty from the day before) and I've certainly never started off the first load of washing at 6am before ! Thankfully, it was only a 24 hour bug and the doctor's medicine worked its magic within a few hours - phew !

If you fancy seeing what everyone else liked, loved and loathed this week - or adding your own - head over to the Like Love Loathe Linkie page.

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  1. I loved school trips when I was little, it was always so exciting to miss some classroom time.

  2. LOL That's still true for me and I'm a teacher !! ;-)


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