Wednesday 28 May 2014

Don't miss today's #Getcrafty Ravensburger Twitter Frenzy !

When you see the blue Ravensburger corner, I bet you instantly think of their enormous collection of jigsaw puzzles, but that's not all they produce - we've already reviewed some of their board games and creative kits too. Today (that's Wednesday 28th May in case you're reading this in a blog roundup, in which case, sorry, you've probably already missed it !), Ravensburger will be hosting a live twitter frenzy from 1pm to 2.40pm to showcase its brand new craft range.

The host account will be the Ravensburger twitter account @Ravensburgerpc and you can follow the action with the hashtag #Getcrafty. A number of bloggers have been trying out the range but, as well as seeing what we thought, you'll also be in the running for winning some great prizes yourselves if you pop along to say hi.

We received the Mosaic Romantic kit to try, which is aimed at children aged 7+. In the box, you get 4 sheets of pre-cut cardboard mosaic tiles and a tube of glue to stick them on with - I actually thought it was a bit of a shame that they weren't adhesive, which would have made the kit less fiddly and suited to even younger children. Juliette (aged 9) said that she preferred this kit to similar ones that we've used in the past with sticky tiles because she thought it was more-grown up though !

You get one printed board to make a pretty butterfly picture, showing you which colour to stick where.

And a printed cardboard trinket box.

They may not look very impressive when you get them out of the box but they really come to life when they're finished. This would make a lovely gift for fathers day or any other special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas. If you're already wondering what to buy as a present for your child's teacher at the end of the year, this could be a lovely option too, so that you end up with a totally personal and unique but also useful gift. It doesn't take too long - you could make the whole thing in one sitting, but we preferred doing one side at a time and standing it up for the glue to dry totally before moving onto the next surface, which meant that it took a whole weekend to finish, much to Juliette's delight !

This is just one of the kits available though. The complete range is below :

Mosaic Romantic - Age 7+
Mosaic Romantic - Age 7+

Hopefully see you at the #GetCrafty twitter frenzy this afternoon when you'll get to discover the whole lot !

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