Saturday 24 May 2014

Fun Facts about our four-legged friends (and their owners !)

I've mentioned them several times before - in fact, they've even helped out with the reviewing on several occasions ! - so I'm sure I don't need to introduce the Madhouse pets, but just in case, here are son and mum Didou and Vicky.

And chilled-out rabbit Charlie who likes to lay on his back with all four legs in the air !

I've always had pets so  I thought I knew a lot about animals but I learnt a lot of interesting titbits of information that made me smile in the video infographic below that Petplan have put together about the four-legged friends that they insure.

I wasn't surprised to learn that they insure 302 breeds of dog but I didn't even know that there were 113 breeds of cat, 95 breeds of horse and 51 breeds of rabbit in existence !

As I mentioned, our rabbit is called Charlie so it was interesting to see that the most popular name for a rabbit is Daisy, but Charlie is the top name for horses and cats (and Alfie for dogs ! I've never met a single dog called Alfie !)

As our pets are getting on, we've been wondering recently what the average life span of a rabbit is. Charlie is about 10 now and as he's an albino, we were always told that they have a shorter life expectancy - well, he's not doing bad as the oldest rabbit on Petplan's books is 13. The oldest dog they have is 21 so both of the Madhouse pooches have a few good years left in them yet ! Their oldest horse is 40, which is rather impressive as it corresponds to 113 in human years !

Anyway, I won't give all of the secrets away - have a look and see what makes you smile (and I bet it's the silliest horse and dog names !) 

Disclosure : This is a sponsored - but nevertheless 100% honest and hopefully interesting ! - post.

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  1. Pam Francis Gregory25 May 2014 at 08:38

    What a lovely pair of dogs!

    1. I thought they looked very regal in that photo !!

  2. I had my houserabbit insured with Petplan 16 years ago when they first started rabbit insurance, it was so cheap, but a lifesaver for us because we were at the vets all the time and ended up having to inject him every day, without the insurance we would have been in so much debt (no, euthanasia would never have been an option, he was the best pet I've ever had!!)

  3. Always grew up around lots of pets, mainly dogs though, with probably 6 months inbetween each one that passed, you know the feeling, not replacing/cannot take the pain etc so when my daughter aged 4, who I regularly took to farms etc took a fancy to rats i was more than happy to oblige. Although the reaction of people, mainly women to be fair, were united in their disgust at the idea. But I knew that fancy rats were clean, intelligent creatures and I forewarned my daughter that they had a short life span of about 1.5 to 2 years and that they would needed to be taken care of by her, she was so wide eyed, like children are at Christmas or when they see the tooth fairy has visited. So when her birthday arrived a few months later she received her presents and was very happy, but I then suprised her with her 3 new rats (all girls) and she was elated, her friends were too, their parents not so as they were nagged for years to also get them, She was true to her word and she looked after them amazingly well. There was sadness when they passed but after some time she got a couple more.


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