Wednesday 7 May 2014

We have some new Tamagotchi Friends !

Chocolate treats weren't the only egg-shaped delights to make the Madhouse Mini-testers' eyes light up this Easter. We also received a box full of crafting supplies, mini eggs and Tamagotchi stationery and sweets to host a little Tamagotchi Friends get-together.

The most eggs-citing (sorry !) thing in the box was the Tamagotchi Friends themselves. The Madhouse Mini-testers had seen the adverts on TV and knew all about them, even knowing that you could bump two together to unlock extra content (which I didn't know, even though I remember the original Tamagotchis from my own childhood).

If you're not a child of the eighties and don't know anything about Tamagotchis (which, incidentally, comes from the Japanese words for egg (tamago) and watch (wotchi)), they are little virtual pets that you need to nurture, feeding them, playing with them, bathing them, giving them medicine when needed and cleaning up their poo, for example. If you look after them properly, they will grow up from baby to teenager to adult, unlocking extra content along the way. You can also programme the date so that they'll recognise your birthday and other important days like Christmas Day. (You also programme the time, so I was convinced they'd switch off and stay quiet at night-time but they don't - be warned, they will bleep throughout the night if you don't put them on pause !).

The Madhouse Mini-testers excitedly discovered the contents of the box then we invited some friends over for a little get together. As there were four Tamagotchis in the box, we gave one away as a special prize, as well as filling up party bags with the Tamagotchi notepads, sweets and posters. Big smiles all round !

The colouring sheets went down very well !

I was amazed to see how seriously everyone took it, regardless of age or sex !

Pierre was the most creative, sticking the little Easter chicks all over his colouring sheet and proudly showing me that he didn't go over the lines.

This was judged the winner though - I love the clever use of jewels and the layered flower petals.

It's great to see that the Tamagotchis are just as appealing to modern kids as to the original generation of players. I bet I'm not the only parent to pick one up for a sneaky trip down memory lane when the kids aren't looking ! They seem exactly the same as the original version to me so they have a bit of a retro feel to them.

Tamagotchi Friends have a RRP of £24.99 but you can find them cheaper if you shop around.

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Disclosure : We received supplies for a Tamagotchi Friends party.

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  1. Can't believe Tamagotchis are back! I had one the first time around :D Thanks for linking up to #KidsCorner!

    1. Total blast from the past, same as the Furby we got to review last year !!


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